Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eye Eye

Remember this? It's the E.L.F. Eye Transformer that I won in February.

It's taken me a while to get around to a review because it's taken me a while to work this one out.

So, what is it? Well the idea with these four opalescent shadows is that you add them over or under an existing shadow to change the appearance of it. You could also wear them alone too. The palette includes 4 very light hues of (L-R) green, neutral/yellow, pink, blue/mauve.

I've spent a lot of time playing with the palette and seeing how to get the best of it. A couple of things I've learnt along the way- it's very compressed, meaning you need to be quite vigorous with the brush to get the product onto it. The shades are quite white- you will need a very dark shadow to use this with.

In terms of using it- despite difficulties getting it onto the brush, I didn't experience any fallout from this product- always a bonus in my book, it stays put for a full day of staring at computer screens, battling commuters and enduring suicidally boring lectures, it comes off easily- I use baby lotion on a cotton pad to remove my eye make up, and this came straight off onto the pad.

So, onto a few swatches- no pictures of my eye looks I'm afraid, firstly because I'm not able to wear my contacts at the moment, and nobody wants to see pictures I take without them... and also because my skin is not happy at the moment.

My base shadow- Humour  by Bare Mineral

With the transformer- From L-R Green, Neutral/Yellow, Pink, Blue/Mauve.

As you can see from the pictures above, it's not made as dramatic a change as expected. It's quite difficult to see the opalescent sheen to the shadows, but it is there, despite making the base shadow very pale.

I'll be honest, I'm no beauty fanatic, I don't own many eyeshadows, because I simply don't wear them that much. And the ones I do own, all but one have some kind of shimmer to them, they're also all loose powder mineral shadows.

Having tried the transformer shades with my one matte shadow- a smokey grey, with a couple of darker green shades and the above, which is a very dark carbon with tiny but not densely distributed particles of glitter, here's what I conclude:

The Eye Transformer would be great with a matte solid shadow. I firmly believe that a matte shadow, from a pressed pan- which would seem to apply with more pigmentation, preferably in black or a very very dark carbon type colour would allow the change in colour and the opalescence to show much better. However, with loose shadows, such as my mineral ones, it's not so effective. I think if I had an hour or so to get ready- maybe for a night out, it's perfectly feasible the transformer and mineral shadows could be built up to the same standard, but the last time it took me that long to put make-up on was for my graduation ceremony, and before that it was for interviews... on an every day basis it needs to be quick and simple.

So, thank you to lovely people at E.L.F. This was, after all, a competition prize, for which I am very grateful. And I'm now on the hunt for a palette of pressed shadows that I can use alone or with the transformer. At present I have my beady eyes on:

MUA Heaven and Earth- a perfect and cost friendly solution


Bare Minerals The Truth- quite excitingly Bare Minerals are releasing solid mineral make-up including eyeshadow quads/duos, as well as blushes and other products. To say I'm excited would be an understatement, and it looks like they've already been released in the states.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here Comes The Sun

After an uncharacteristically sunny and lovely weekend- I managed a few hours in my garden, wearing shorts and a vest top, there are many people who will be looking forward to lighter weight fabrics and brighter colours.

I'm not that great at dressing for spring and summer, a decade of bad skin and polyester uniforms has meant I'm not always able or comfortable having my back/cleavage on show. This year however, I'm hoping to have some improvement in the skin department- more to come on skin solutions and I no longer wear a work uniform, I'm also headed to Nigeria in July, so am keeping my beady little eyes on Spring and Summer goodies.

A couple of joyous purchases to start off with:

 Dress, ASOS

I bought this dress with the voucher I won from the lovely people at Aussie, and what a winner this is. Perfect length- just above the knee. Light weight, short sleeved and fitted waist.

Shoes, ASDA

These shoes are even more bargainous than their £7 price tag. They were, in fact, free. You must now promise not to judge...PROMISE?!

I bought these shoes as a basket full of bits from ASDA just a few weeks ago. Normally I check over my receipt when I leave a supermarket, to check it's as it should be, but everyone knows how hellish a supermarket is on a Saturday, and so I got my head down and barged got out. Only when I got back into the car, did look. And did I notice that the shoes weren't there. No shoes on my receipt. No charge. I know, I know, I probably should have gone back in, but the supermarket was busy, I had a whining dog to get home too.... and well... I didn't want to. So I didn't. But we've all done it. Right?!

So far, these are my only real additions to my summer wardrobe and I am definitely going to need a few other things for my tripette. So here's what I've got my eye on.


Perfection in a small spring handbag- love the nautical theme, love the nod to a satchel, love that it will go with pretty much everything (including the above!!) and most of all love that it would be ideal for a purse/phone/keys/sunscreen/notebook kind of day- eg my trip to Nigeria.


Perfect for an evening out with friends, dinner with T, even a night out. Whilst everybody may be falling head over heels for sherbet or pastel or whatever you want to call the various shades that make me look like I'm about to be sick, I feel a light metallic version of animal print may be just the antidote I need. 


They're pretty, and green and bright and I want them. 


Can you tell I really like these fifties style flared skirt dresses? This one is pretty, and it's green and I want it.

(Because I desperately need one- a night out and a new dress for it!)

Elsa Rose Dress, Motel Rocks

Simple, but effective. I like it, I want it, I want a night out to wear it on. That is all.

And last but not least, I just want one of THESE. Just because.

So there you go, a few wants for the moment, A few summer wishes. What are you lovely lot lusting after?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chloe Like To Eat

Strawberry Milkshake

As the sun started shining on us here in Cumbria last week, the girls and I decided to take short afternoon break to enjoy a bit of cafe culture... Well a drink at the first cafe we could find with outside seating...

Yes this was as epic as it looks.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Keeping It Real

One way or another this week, it's been a hectic one, and I for one, am quite glad to see the weekend. But a number of things this week have really made me take stock of my life. Chloe Likes To Talk in its current guise is coming up for a year old and I've been blogging in various ways for over 2 years now, making it that much easier to make the compare.


It's a bit scary to think this time 2 years ago I was living in my 3rd country in 18 months. Spain seems like a lifetime ago, and in reality it is. I was living in my 3rd foreign country and attending my 4th university in 2 years. I was ready to come home and to get my degree finished. I was coming up for my 21st birthday, I was very single and after the breakdown on some of my friendships, lonely.

Las Fallas 2010, Calle Mistral, Valencia 
(My flat was the ground floor of the green and whit building in the background to the left of the shot)


If you've been following for a while you'll know that Chloe Likes To Talk in the format it is now in came into existence almost a year ago, but I was blogging consistently as Fashion Junkie before that. This time last year my blog was my only real outlet.

Being a final year student is tough. Being a final year student of a triple major degree is tough too. Doing that whilst living with people who think bullying is acceptable practice, with no concrete direction on where my life would be heading after my degree and suffering with an undiagnosed illness that required regular 10 hour round trips home for medical treatments or tests. In short I was miserable and that's not a massive change from 12 months previously.

Me, this time last year. About 5KG lighter, unhappy, and uncertain.  

So this week, I set about thinking what's changed this year. It's been a funny week.


I'm now a post-grad student. A highly unexpected turn of events, but what's more is that I'm good at what I'm doing in a way I wasn't with my degree. I enjoy the challenge that law presents and I feel like I've found something that fits.

I've made friends. I've met people on my course who act like civil human beings and have the added benefit of being particularly nice, who work just as hard, if not harder, people who I like spending time with and who appreciate the person that I am. I've also been privileged to get to know better and even meet some of the people I speak regularly to thanks to my blog.

I'm living at home with my parents. For many people of my age, having graduated from uni, this is a step back, for me this has been a blessing. It's given me the time and space I needed to put myself back together with the support of my family, and has the added bonus of seeing me fed far better than if I were living alone....

But most of all. I'm happy. Don't get me wrong. I have crappy days, days where I hate my lecturer for his inability to put any structure to our programme or days where I wonder why I didn't just take a job, any job for a couple of years, but most of the time I know, I made the right decision, I know that I'm working towards something that is right to me, I know that I have people around me who will not make me feel that I'm not capable or worthy of success and happiness. I also know that Having had the chance to work towards this feeling of content, I'm all the stronger to face difficulties that might come my way.

I firmly believe that understanding your past and your weaknesses is key to creating a future and facing the world and everything it has to throw at you. Whilst the last 2 years might not be ones I look at as my favourites, I know that they have taught me far more about my strengths, my weaknesses and what I want from life than if they had been a walk in the park, and that ability to reflect comes, in part, from my blog, and being able to look back on the last 2 years.

I'd never wish hard times on anyone and I also know that my difficulties could be considered trivial by comparison to many others, but my message would be this:

There's always something to learn and always a way to use your experiences. No matter their nature. Understanding how will serve you well and give you some of the tools to make negatives into positives.

Me, a couple of weeks ago. Happy, healthy(ish), setlled, sorted and heading towards successful .


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chloe Likes To Eat... *

Tea. I like tea. And yes I know you don't EAT tea, but still... For me, tea is also pretty synonymous with Twinings.

I didn't grow up in a household where tea was a regular fixture, at least not the 1-finger-of-milk-or-2 kind. But during the time I spent growing up in a hotel, there was afternoon tea in the office most days. My first memorable experience of tea remains peppermint tea at 1700.

Fast forward a few (more than I care to admit to) years and I'm now an avid tea drinker. I love fruit teas and spiced teas, I like black breakfast tea occasionally but one of my go-to's is the above. lemon and ginger tea.

Why do I like it? It's spicy but refreshing at the same time. It's great with a squeeze of honey when you have a cold, or just good and strong for a lift in the late afternoon- well it is part of the revive and revitalise range. For me, this is the taste of comfort, of progress and of I-Can-Do-This.

And a few other awesome things about Twinings that you should really know:

You can get free samples of not one, but TWO teas from their website HERE.
Did you know that they have a Royal seal of approval? Oh yes they do, by appointment to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
Twinings also have a HUGE range of teas- black teas, fruit teas, classic teas, loose leaf teas and a new range of green teas- DESPERATE to try the Green Tea with pineapple and grapefruit and Green Tea with Peach and Cherry Blossom. Sadly I live in a rural abyss where it appears people only buy Earl Grey, so called 'Normal' tea and lemon tea....
And of course you can find the Twinings Facebook page and Twinings on Twitter.

Go on then. Off you go. What are you waiting for?

*Sponsored post. All new, views and reviews my own.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pariser Platz

Jeans, Primark
Bretong T-shirt, Primark
Eiffel Tour Print Bandeau Top, ASOS
Shoes, Primark

LOOK. SUNLIGHT.  Sorry... Didn't mean to get quite so overexcited. I actually don't really like spring, it's my least favourite season, mostly because it's usually so wet here in Cumbria, and highly unpredictable, but the one good thing is that I find it 100 times easier to get out of bed, because my bedroom window is East facing, I wake up with the sun. And it being easier to get out of bed, means I tend to get up a bit earlier, not hours or anything, but an extra 15 minutes or half an hour, which means I have time to take outfit pictures.
(Also, I know it's not what you might usually call a 'good picture', but I couldn't resist sharing as I loved the brightness of the light streaming through the window)

I wore this for a day at uni, as I now only do one day per week of work experience meaning only one 14 hour day per week and I get to go to uni in my usual casual clothes one day per week now.

My trusty Primark t-shirt has now been tumble dried a few times, and therefore is not long enough to wear with anything that isn't high waisted, luckily I also remembered this bandeau top was kicking around in my wardrobe and being as it's practically dress length, it provides the perfect solution, and a nod to a city I have yet to visit.

Despite speaking French, the word Paris (with English or French pronunciation) always reminds me of Pariser Platz (Pah-riss-uh Plait-ts) in Berlin. Perhaps because I've actually been to Pariser Platz... but whatever. For a cool but bright (it didn't last, I got rained on walking home from the Station that night...) uni day, this was a good outfit. Oh, and I'm looking down and wearing glasses because I felt horrific from a cold-y thing, and the bags under my eyes were oh so helpfully magnified by my glasses, great.

Are you a lover of spring? Or like me do you prefer the predictability of autumn and winter? Also, Scottish readers, or just anyone from/living North of Cheshire will probably enjoy this little joke, c/o my Dad

Scotland has 2 seasons. June and Winter.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recently I'm Wearing...

A third recently I'm wearing, I really enjoy posting snaps of what I'm wearing via Molome, and it's nice to pull them together into one collage to see what I've been wearing lots of or not much of or how I've been wearing something differently.

Top Row Sweets- Another of my attention grabbing necklaces//Keeping it classic-Breton and jeans
2nd Row Leather Trousers- Much Loved//Shades of green-my favourite colour
3rd Row Birds of a Feather...//Spanish Silver- Digging out an old one
4th Row Stick together...//Not a table cloth- Yes, someone did ask
5th Row Black and White- And shades of grey//Buzz- High on life


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chloe Likes To Eat...


Your eyes do not deceive you, no full meals or special goodies as such. But a piece of fruit. One thing you might not know about me is that I LOVE fruit. As a kid my family used to lovingly call me Fruit Bat and whilst I like salad and vegetables, my first fresh food love will always be fruits.

When wandering through town the other week, I spied a deal, 8 of these HUGE South African plums, for £1. Knowing I had a whole day of uni ahead of me, all I could see before me were the days snack supplements.

Not only were they incredibly tasty and oh so juicy, when I bit into it, I couldn't help thinking the two toned flesh was actually rather pretty too.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ballerina Bitch

T-Shirt, Primark
Skirt, Zara
Jersey Blazer, ASOS
Tights, Primark
Boots, (not quite seen), Topshop
Ring, Topshop
Necklace, Can't remember...

I bought this skirt from Zara well over a year ago, and for some reason, I don't wear it as much as I should. But this is how I pulled it all together for a Saturday hospital appointment, dropping my parents at the station (they're off to Glasgow for an overnight stay, to celebrate their 15th Wedding Anniversary) and dropping into the supermarket for a bit of a nosey. I really like the kind of toughened up ballerina vibe of the flared skirt and the pale pink with a tougher edge of my spikey ring and and favourite boots, bored of them yet? Tough.

Oooo Oooo I'm also wearing my MUA Lipstick, which has become a bit of a favourite (I posted about it HERE). It lives in my small make-up bag, in my handbag, and gets thrown on many a day. It's still love, just as much as when I purchased it, which is pretty damn good for a single English Pound. I'm now lusting after the Heaven and Earth palette as I'm starting to experiment a bit more with my eye make-up.

I also picked up a sweet pair of shoes in ASDA whilst out and about, with a view to the trip to Nigeria I'm doing in July, and a cream dress I've ordered from ASOS. Looking forward to showing off both. If anyone is interested in the trip I'm doing, shout and I'll post a bit more about it, although as it gets a bit nearer, I probably won't be able to stop myself anyway!

This weekend will largely be spent writing more of my research project, the draft of which is due very soon and prepping for the final round of the mooting competition final, which is a week on Monday. A couple of weeks ago, I was accused of being a cheat, behind my back, wrongly, by our opponents in the first round of this competition, and whilst my friends have been quick to affirm that it's a load of bollocks, I feel like I still have something to prove. I hope our final round opponents are ready for my partner Lauren and I when we really have our game faces on.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

For The Win

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm quite lucky when it comes to competitions and this month has been exceptional. So I thought I'd share a few of the bits I've been supremely lucky to win in the last 3-4 weeks.

So first up (chronologically) I won the E.L.F. Friday Favourites competition when I commented on their blog post. Having spent my own hard earned cash on their products, I was really happy to have won the Eye Transformer pallet. A magical product that changes the appearence of an eyeshadow. If you're interested, I shall do a little review at a later stage.

E.L.F. Eye Transformer c/o E.L.F. Friday Favourites

Next, I won another lovely competition to win a voucher. I can't wait to receive it, and I can't yet tell you what it is because of how I'm planning to use it and who reads the blog. But massive thank yous to one of the loveliest ladies I've come across in blogging, she knows who she is.

After that, I won a book. And not just any book, but my favouritest favourite play. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. I never realised that The Woman in Black was a novel as well as a play, it's only now that the film has come out that it seems to have become quite popular.

Thanks to Elise of Foof and Faff for this one, it's next on my reading list!

And lastly this week. The lovely Aussie people on Twitter informed me that I'd won a £50 ASOS voucher. Cue much excitement from me as I'm hoping to purchase myself a couple of nice summery dresses for a trip to Nigeria I've been selected for, with my university in July.

Thank you to everyone from whom I've won something recently, I'm a chancer- I believe in 'in it to win it' and sometimes I have little lovely lucky streaks, and for those I am truly grateful because on days where I find myself wondering incessantly, what IS the point, things like this make it better and remind me that it's not all bad.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chloe Likes...

As long-time lovers might know, I have a mild... obsession thing for Nica Handbags. I already own 4 different bags.

From Left-Right
Dixie- Post can be found HERE
Alicia- Post can be found HERE 
Name unknown, this one was a present from T- Post can be found HERE 

And my oldest Nica, is a gorgeous tan shoulder bag, a bottomless pit that I can't be parted from.

Yeah... minor... thing...AHEM

So naturally, having purchased from the rather friendly people at Nica, and having recently been stung by a Groupon scam over handbags, I was really quite pleased see a these new season beauties on their latest e-mail.

Meet Andrea.... 

Just to be crystal clear, I wasn't sponsored to write this post (although if someone wants to donate a whole load of Nica products, well who would I be to say no.... ANYWAY) and here's why I did want to write it...

Have you seen they above? They're PRETTY, Nica products, in my experience, and I'd say it's well qualified thus far with 4 Nica pretties in my possession and a mother with a collection fast catching mine up, are well made. My oldest Nica bag is 6 years old now, (which I find frightening, I'm getting old....) and I used it for school and for uni for a long time, the only slight wear to it is that 2 stitches which used to make the top narrower have come undone- hardly a surprise with the volume of books I've shoved in it over the years. Other than that... Still as good as brand new. My other bags have survived torrential Lake District Rain, -10 temperatures, Spanish mid-summer heat, Monty..., multiple train journeys of long and tortuous natures... you get the picture...

The other thing I love about Nica handbags and accessories? You can guarantee there'll be something a bit different. Whether it's the woven front like my woven green bag or the mirror in the flap of my Alicia or the extra pockets on my Dixie, there's plenty available for the quirky as well as those like me who want something that works as a more classic style.

The appeal of this is here with the Andrea collection. Raffia is not what comes to my mind when I think stylish handbags, but that beautiful coral satchel and the great black and green purse. Yup. Raffia. But if like me, you can't quite get your head around Raffia AND stylish being in the same sentence then what about this. My personal favourite, as I'm in the market for a bag that's big enough to hold all my notes (and my lunch, and my kindle, and my purse/phone/keys/umbrella, and my kitchen sink...) for my work experience days.

I want THIS ONE please... *flutters eyelashes*

Pretty much instant love. Are you sold yet? You KNOW you want to.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beneath Stormy Skies

Martha Jeans, Topshop
Shirt, H&M
Jumper, Topshop
Shoes, F+F at Tesco
Bag, H&M

Believe it not, based on the stormy black skies in the background, I was looking into brightest sunshine for these pictures. Although that breeze blowing my hair about.... VERY chilly. Keeping it simple with a shirt and jeans to visit T's grandparents whilst he was visiting the area.

I do love this shirt, it's pretty ancient, but it's one of the few shirts I managed to find that weren't fitted as fitted shirt are never... well... fitted on me. It's pretty heavy cotton and the red stripe gives it some interest in an easy going kind of a way. Basically, it's my ideal shirt, and I live for H&M releasing them again, however I suspect that may not happen, as this is maybe 4 years old?

The keen eyed amongst you might also notice that my hair is looing a bit darker... Well a couple of weeks ago I decided I'd had enough of the flat, boring in-betweeny blond-ish hair colour that is my natural colour and wanted to go darker. I've had dark hair before, when a hairdresser screwed up and it was almost black. It didn't suit me so much, and this time I'm trying various stages. This isn't quite as dark as hoped, but a step in the right direction. In the next couple of weeks, I'm hoping to take it a couple of shades darker again. What do you reckon? Yay or nay?

A few atmospheric landscape shots to leave you with. This bridge we stood on is a well known gather point for bikers who like the twisty lanes in the warmer months and it was pretty busy on the first bright day we've had for a long time.

In other news... I'm currently doing the rounds of my own family. March is a nightmare month for me as 2 of my grandparents have birthdays in 10 days of each other, Mother's day is slap bang in the middle this year and my parents wedding anniversary is added into the mix. Hence we're on delivery duty as much as visiting!

Although I wouldn't say I've always been this way, I really enjoy giving gifts, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had selecting something you think somebody will love and see their enjoyment from receiving. I'm a big believer in the benefits of giving as opposed to receiving. But something I've found quite hurtful over the last couple of weeks is bad manners. I'm not naming and shaming anybody here, because despite being a bit hurt, I still don't think that's very fair, however having sent a parcel which I gave a lot of thought to and spent time putting together, to not even have someone say thank you has been a bit of a kick in the teeth.

When we give gifts, we don't always get it right, and I've managed to get it so horribly wrong a time or two, but to my mind, basic courtesy is to always say thank you. And I like to think that this will come around in the end. I try my very best to practise what I preach, and in the last couple of weeks I've had that well and truly come back around. I won a few goodies, which I'll be sharing next week, and as ever have received the kind words and friendship of so many of the people I know solely through Chloe Likes To Talk or twitter (which I only started using because I blog...). So remember kids, manners cost nothing and what goes around, comes around.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Follow The Leader

Amidst the confusion of GFC no longer being available- it turns out that it's just for blogs using platforms other than Blogger... I thought I'd let you know how else you can follow blogs (including mine), based on my own experiences.

So here goes...

First up, new kid on the block Hello Cotton

Hello Cotton seems to be a bit of a new concept. Rather than solely a collection of the blogs you follow in one place, Hello Cotton allows for and encourages interactions with you followers, allows you to creat your own profiles and gives lots and lots of suggestions for new blogs that you might be interested in.

Definitely one to watch and one to spend an afternoon playing with. You can find Chloe Likes To Talk on Hello Cotton HERE.

Next. An old favourite. Bloglovin'

Bloglovin is one of my favourite platforms as it's very simple. Follow blogs you like on Bloglovin, the unread posts on that blog appear in your feed, you read through them. You can 'like' posts, it's super easy to find a blog by searching, Bloglovin has charts of popular and up and coming blogs and Bloglovin is a well know platform, with most blogs having a follow button on their own blogs as well as being able to search for them on Bloglovin itself. Bloglovin also have mobile apps for both iPhone and Android.

You can find me on Bloglovin HERE

Arguably not there to provide a following platform, but Tumblr is one way of keeping up with your favourite blogs.

Whilst Tumblr is a type of blog in itself, many bloggers post their latest links on a Tumblr feed, myself included. Whilst Tumblr is heavily reliant on the person you follow posting to their Tumblr blog, some people like the mix of posts and hey... we're all different.

I have a personal Tumblr which I post all sorts of things, links to my posts, images, quotes etc. You can find it HERE

And lastly. Twitter.

It seems that every blogger evah is on Twitter. And tweeting links to your posts can be a great way of getting your blog out there to a wider audience. I often follow bloggers on Twitter to remind myself to go back and check out their blog at a later stage if I'm on the go. I reckon Twitter is a great way of interacting and some of my Best Bloggy Friends I have gotten to know through Twitter, but I'm not sold on it a s a mode of following blogs-there's just too much going on to avoid missing things.

I tweet HERE

That's my run down of blog following, I'd love to hear how else you follow a blog, and anything you recommend.