Monday, March 12, 2012

Beautiful Skin

I wrote recently about my purchase of the No 7 Beautiful Skin cleansing wash I'd bought, just as the range launched, and using one of the much loved £5 off No7 vouchers.

After getting on really well with the wash, I'm slowly but surely using up products and replacing them with parts of the No7 Beautiful Skin range. So here are my latest additions and short reviews.

(P.S. This post isn't sponsored and all products are purchased with my own hard earned dosh. All reviews and views are my own.)

Firstly. The Purifying Exfoliator (Normal/Oily Skin)

Beautiful Skin Purifying Cleanser, £8 Boots

Having squidged the very last of my old exfoliator out of it's tube and having a 200 points voucher for purchasing any No7 Beautiful Skin product, this exfoliator wash has been the second item from the range to enter my bathroom.

So. The verdict? I love it. The beads in this exfoliant are both very fine mixed with some larger, which means it's highly effective at removing any dead or dry skin. Just like the foaming wash, this left my skin feeling very clean afterward, in a way that I've not experienced with other products. For me the wash felt a little like sandy paste in my hands, which I love, as the cleanse felt truly deep. I think it's a fairly priced product that I would be prepared to buy full price and as you really only need a pea sized amount to use, I think it will last really well.

Next... The Day Cream (Normal/Oily)

No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream, £12.50 Boots

I found myself caught short in February, no moisturiser when I stayed elsewhere overnight, and took the plunge on purchasing one that could add to my No 7 collection.

Basically, this is moisturiser. And for a girl who's been using one dead straight forward moisturiser, twice a day, everyday for years, I'm not sure I really get why we need 2 different ones for day and night... But. It's nice. It feels silky and smooth to touch, and it does moisturise my skin, but without feeling moist, if that makes sense. Instead it's smooth, soft and matte, ready for my make-up. And better still, my skin stays matte under my make-up for longer. SCORE. And whilst I still have plenty of stocks of my old moisturiser, I'm only using my No7 one for the day.

For all the good things though, I gripe about the price of this. At 12.50 for 50ml compared to £4ish for 75ml I find this a bit pricey. It will be one only to be purchased with vouchers or with extra points incentives. I also don't especially like the packaging. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly pretty, classy even, but for me, I don't find that it's practical. The pot is heavy, and open. I prefer my moisturiser to come out of a squeezey tube- I think it's more hygienic than dipping my fingers in and out of the same pot and I prefer being able to see how much is coming out.

And lastly... A GENIUS IDEA

No7 Beautiful Skin starter kit, £5

You did read that correctly, this was indeed £5! I wish these had been in stock at my local boots when I first stumbled across the range, but thankfully I spotted these on a recent wander in to buy some lunch. These are marketed as starter kits, a chance to try the range without purchasing all the full sized products at once. Since I've discovered I like this range via the full sized products, there was one thing going through my mind when I saw this on the shelves: TRAVEL!

Those of you who are long-time readers, will know that I've spent a lot of the last 5 years travelling plenty- trains to and from uni, living abroad, trips to London for interviews, to see TG, overnight stays... I would like to think, if I do say so myself, I have packing for trips of many a nature down to a fine art. Part of that is my travel wash bag, in particular for shorter trips, which is a roll with three pockets. Miniatures, both commercial and of my own creation are a godsend. So these 3 basics- cleanser, day and night moisturisers are perfect to add to that. The only problem? I'm kicking myself for not purchasing another one to add to my box of spares.

If you're in the market for skincare at the moment, the above products and all the Beautiful Skin ranges (products for Normal/Dry and Dry/Very Dry skin) are currently on a 3 for 2 offer and the Kiosk where you can insert your Boots card is well worth a look for deals- I was very happy to find, amongst other things a 200 points on any No7 Beautiful Skin purchase recently.

CLTT has been a bit beauty heavy of late with new skincare products and also some new cosmetics too. I'm no beauty blogger, as is most often noticeable from my technical language and my reviews that are definitely the idiot guide to... But I'd like to think that there's a space for a laymans review of a few products.

That in mind, would you like to see more of my reviews? I don't want to be a beauty blogger, I like having the freedom to write about anything and everything here on my blog, but I also like these beauty based posts, they're enjoyable for me to put together, and I hope they're of interest and use. Let me know what you think.
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