Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beneath Stormy Skies

Martha Jeans, Topshop
Shirt, H&M
Jumper, Topshop
Shoes, F+F at Tesco
Bag, H&M

Believe it not, based on the stormy black skies in the background, I was looking into brightest sunshine for these pictures. Although that breeze blowing my hair about.... VERY chilly. Keeping it simple with a shirt and jeans to visit T's grandparents whilst he was visiting the area.

I do love this shirt, it's pretty ancient, but it's one of the few shirts I managed to find that weren't fitted as fitted shirt are never... well... fitted on me. It's pretty heavy cotton and the red stripe gives it some interest in an easy going kind of a way. Basically, it's my ideal shirt, and I live for H&M releasing them again, however I suspect that may not happen, as this is maybe 4 years old?

The keen eyed amongst you might also notice that my hair is looing a bit darker... Well a couple of weeks ago I decided I'd had enough of the flat, boring in-betweeny blond-ish hair colour that is my natural colour and wanted to go darker. I've had dark hair before, when a hairdresser screwed up and it was almost black. It didn't suit me so much, and this time I'm trying various stages. This isn't quite as dark as hoped, but a step in the right direction. In the next couple of weeks, I'm hoping to take it a couple of shades darker again. What do you reckon? Yay or nay?

A few atmospheric landscape shots to leave you with. This bridge we stood on is a well known gather point for bikers who like the twisty lanes in the warmer months and it was pretty busy on the first bright day we've had for a long time.

In other news... I'm currently doing the rounds of my own family. March is a nightmare month for me as 2 of my grandparents have birthdays in 10 days of each other, Mother's day is slap bang in the middle this year and my parents wedding anniversary is added into the mix. Hence we're on delivery duty as much as visiting!

Although I wouldn't say I've always been this way, I really enjoy giving gifts, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had selecting something you think somebody will love and see their enjoyment from receiving. I'm a big believer in the benefits of giving as opposed to receiving. But something I've found quite hurtful over the last couple of weeks is bad manners. I'm not naming and shaming anybody here, because despite being a bit hurt, I still don't think that's very fair, however having sent a parcel which I gave a lot of thought to and spent time putting together, to not even have someone say thank you has been a bit of a kick in the teeth.

When we give gifts, we don't always get it right, and I've managed to get it so horribly wrong a time or two, but to my mind, basic courtesy is to always say thank you. And I like to think that this will come around in the end. I try my very best to practise what I preach, and in the last couple of weeks I've had that well and truly come back around. I won a few goodies, which I'll be sharing next week, and as ever have received the kind words and friendship of so many of the people I know solely through Chloe Likes To Talk or twitter (which I only started using because I blog...). So remember kids, manners cost nothing and what goes around, comes around.
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