Thursday, March 1, 2012

Follow The Leader

Amidst the confusion of GFC no longer being available- it turns out that it's just for blogs using platforms other than Blogger... I thought I'd let you know how else you can follow blogs (including mine), based on my own experiences.

So here goes...

First up, new kid on the block Hello Cotton

Hello Cotton seems to be a bit of a new concept. Rather than solely a collection of the blogs you follow in one place, Hello Cotton allows for and encourages interactions with you followers, allows you to creat your own profiles and gives lots and lots of suggestions for new blogs that you might be interested in.

Definitely one to watch and one to spend an afternoon playing with. You can find Chloe Likes To Talk on Hello Cotton HERE.

Next. An old favourite. Bloglovin'

Bloglovin is one of my favourite platforms as it's very simple. Follow blogs you like on Bloglovin, the unread posts on that blog appear in your feed, you read through them. You can 'like' posts, it's super easy to find a blog by searching, Bloglovin has charts of popular and up and coming blogs and Bloglovin is a well know platform, with most blogs having a follow button on their own blogs as well as being able to search for them on Bloglovin itself. Bloglovin also have mobile apps for both iPhone and Android.

You can find me on Bloglovin HERE

Arguably not there to provide a following platform, but Tumblr is one way of keeping up with your favourite blogs.

Whilst Tumblr is a type of blog in itself, many bloggers post their latest links on a Tumblr feed, myself included. Whilst Tumblr is heavily reliant on the person you follow posting to their Tumblr blog, some people like the mix of posts and hey... we're all different.

I have a personal Tumblr which I post all sorts of things, links to my posts, images, quotes etc. You can find it HERE

And lastly. Twitter.

It seems that every blogger evah is on Twitter. And tweeting links to your posts can be a great way of getting your blog out there to a wider audience. I often follow bloggers on Twitter to remind myself to go back and check out their blog at a later stage if I'm on the go. I reckon Twitter is a great way of interacting and some of my Best Bloggy Friends I have gotten to know through Twitter, but I'm not sold on it a s a mode of following blogs-there's just too much going on to avoid missing things.

I tweet HERE

That's my run down of blog following, I'd love to hear how else you follow a blog, and anything you recommend.


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