Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here Comes The Sun

After an uncharacteristically sunny and lovely weekend- I managed a few hours in my garden, wearing shorts and a vest top, there are many people who will be looking forward to lighter weight fabrics and brighter colours.

I'm not that great at dressing for spring and summer, a decade of bad skin and polyester uniforms has meant I'm not always able or comfortable having my back/cleavage on show. This year however, I'm hoping to have some improvement in the skin department- more to come on skin solutions and I no longer wear a work uniform, I'm also headed to Nigeria in July, so am keeping my beady little eyes on Spring and Summer goodies.

A couple of joyous purchases to start off with:

 Dress, ASOS

I bought this dress with the voucher I won from the lovely people at Aussie, and what a winner this is. Perfect length- just above the knee. Light weight, short sleeved and fitted waist.

Shoes, ASDA

These shoes are even more bargainous than their £7 price tag. They were, in fact, free. You must now promise not to judge...PROMISE?!

I bought these shoes as a basket full of bits from ASDA just a few weeks ago. Normally I check over my receipt when I leave a supermarket, to check it's as it should be, but everyone knows how hellish a supermarket is on a Saturday, and so I got my head down and barged got out. Only when I got back into the car, did look. And did I notice that the shoes weren't there. No shoes on my receipt. No charge. I know, I know, I probably should have gone back in, but the supermarket was busy, I had a whining dog to get home too.... and well... I didn't want to. So I didn't. But we've all done it. Right?!

So far, these are my only real additions to my summer wardrobe and I am definitely going to need a few other things for my tripette. So here's what I've got my eye on.


Perfection in a small spring handbag- love the nautical theme, love the nod to a satchel, love that it will go with pretty much everything (including the above!!) and most of all love that it would be ideal for a purse/phone/keys/sunscreen/notebook kind of day- eg my trip to Nigeria.


Perfect for an evening out with friends, dinner with T, even a night out. Whilst everybody may be falling head over heels for sherbet or pastel or whatever you want to call the various shades that make me look like I'm about to be sick, I feel a light metallic version of animal print may be just the antidote I need. 


They're pretty, and green and bright and I want them. 


Can you tell I really like these fifties style flared skirt dresses? This one is pretty, and it's green and I want it.

(Because I desperately need one- a night out and a new dress for it!)

Elsa Rose Dress, Motel Rocks

Simple, but effective. I like it, I want it, I want a night out to wear it on. That is all.

And last but not least, I just want one of THESE. Just because.

So there you go, a few wants for the moment, A few summer wishes. What are you lovely lot lusting after?
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