Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pariser Platz

Jeans, Primark
Bretong T-shirt, Primark
Eiffel Tour Print Bandeau Top, ASOS
Shoes, Primark

LOOK. SUNLIGHT.  Sorry... Didn't mean to get quite so overexcited. I actually don't really like spring, it's my least favourite season, mostly because it's usually so wet here in Cumbria, and highly unpredictable, but the one good thing is that I find it 100 times easier to get out of bed, because my bedroom window is East facing, I wake up with the sun. And it being easier to get out of bed, means I tend to get up a bit earlier, not hours or anything, but an extra 15 minutes or half an hour, which means I have time to take outfit pictures.
(Also, I know it's not what you might usually call a 'good picture', but I couldn't resist sharing as I loved the brightness of the light streaming through the window)

I wore this for a day at uni, as I now only do one day per week of work experience meaning only one 14 hour day per week and I get to go to uni in my usual casual clothes one day per week now.

My trusty Primark t-shirt has now been tumble dried a few times, and therefore is not long enough to wear with anything that isn't high waisted, luckily I also remembered this bandeau top was kicking around in my wardrobe and being as it's practically dress length, it provides the perfect solution, and a nod to a city I have yet to visit.

Despite speaking French, the word Paris (with English or French pronunciation) always reminds me of Pariser Platz (Pah-riss-uh Plait-ts) in Berlin. Perhaps because I've actually been to Pariser Platz... but whatever. For a cool but bright (it didn't last, I got rained on walking home from the Station that night...) uni day, this was a good outfit. Oh, and I'm looking down and wearing glasses because I felt horrific from a cold-y thing, and the bags under my eyes were oh so helpfully magnified by my glasses, great.

Are you a lover of spring? Or like me do you prefer the predictability of autumn and winter? Also, Scottish readers, or just anyone from/living North of Cheshire will probably enjoy this little joke, c/o my Dad

Scotland has 2 seasons. June and Winter.

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