Thursday, April 26, 2012

Best Foot Forward

I like shoes. I think you already know that. I wear flat shoes most of the time and over the years I have purchased a great many pairs of quite cheap flat shoes that actually aren't really very good for my feet. This year (much to the delight of my mother who has been nagging me for a while) I have decided that I need to spend a bit more and put my best foot forward.

Like a lot of people, I've noticed that Clarks have really upped their game and started producing some very lovely shoes- that is lovely, for all sorts of people, not just *those* types of shoes... but my problem... not being able to find them instore. Every time I've been to Clarks, the windows and prime shelves are full of aforementioned shoes and  I've lost interest.

However, my mother recently ordered a pair of the Mary Portas for Clarks shoes (THESE ONES- aren't they FIT?!) and mentioned that there were lots of nice shoes on the website, and I'd just thrown out a pair of suitably knackered (and cheap, bad for my feet) pale pink/nude coloured shoes which urgently needed replacing. So I went to it.

My worry about some of the Clarks shoes has been how delicate or not they may be, I don't need help in the clunky department, my ankles do enough of that on their own. But these babies are elegant, they're pretty, they're lady like without being elderly and I love them. They're also a bit sturdier than a vast number of flat shoes I've bought before, they have a proper sole made of rubber which might just help me NOT to fall over all the time and they have some cushioning in the insole, which makes my poor, battered, abused feet happy. 

Having decided on these ones, my Mother then piped up that there was a 20% off discount code running. Prompting me to start looking for a pair of plain black flats, in the spirit of being kind to my feet because I wear black flats a LOT. 

Clarks Arizona Heat, £39.99 in Black Leather

I was concerned about these being a bit too heavy and clunky, like I was with the above Cadiz shoes. But they're really not, like with the Cadiz shoes. I wore them with skinny jeans for their first outing...

But best things about these shoes: they have cushioned insoles. The 'Softwear Cushioning' really is amazing and it was a bit like wearing my fluffiest comfiest slippers. The rubber and solid soles seem to be Chloe-Clumsiness-proof. A minor miracle. Once more, my long suffering feet might actually thank me for putting sensible, supportive, comfortable shoe choices on my feet... and the bit of my brain that requires my feet and ankles not too look like sledgehammers is happy too.

So who has bought Clarks shoes before? What did you think? I'm really impressed with the shoes themselves and I'm even more impressed that I've managed to acquire 2 pairs of sturdy and well made shoes for under £65.... and they do free standard delivery... Yeah. So. Why are you still waiting?

BTW... This isn't a sponsored post, and all view and reviews are my own, I'm just really really pleased with my new shoes.



Adaisychaindream said...

one of my bestest friends is a Clarks store manager and he always lets me know when gorgeous new things come in stock...they really have upped their game! x

Gemma Davison said...

I love the nude suede flats - they are gorgeous.
I have long been a fan of the Clarks Originals, but it looks like the mainline collection has got pretty hot.
I will be heading to Clarks website asap - thanks.

Gems x

Fashion, Well Done

Marta Turkalj said...

White ones are amazing! :)xx

Caroline said...

I saw some of their A/W collection recently and they have some gorgeous styles! x

Chloe said...

Now that's a good friend to be having. I'm super pleased with my shoes, and my mother has her eye some real beauties.

Chloe said...

Thank You.

Chloe said...

They really do, I've been well and truly bowled over and will be looking at lots more of their goodies as I ditch more of my bad shoes!

Maria Fallon said...

These are lovely, I have been looking for some nice plain shoes for a while so I think I may get these!

Maria xxx