Saturday, April 7, 2012


Still completely in love with Molome (like Instagram but for Android) although I've weened myself off taking several tens of pictures a day. Here's a snapshot of recently.

 Apparently this is something arty doing the rounds of the country?
 Door Frames of Doom... beginning to look like a boxer
 The Follesdal and Hix version of EU Party Politics is SO much more interesting in the sun, wearing shorts...
 Embracing summery multi-coloured nails.
 A favourite t-shirt, love that the stripes are made up of a landscape
 Marinated lamb kebabs with peppers and onions on saffron rice and a side of tomato sauce
 Strawberry milkshake is good for the soul
 Meatballs served with tomato sauce, pasta, brocoli and a sprinkling of Parmesan
 Getting ready for my London Jaunt



Daisychain said...

LOVE your nails! x

Charlene Wilson said...

i have that t-shirt too and it's one of my favourites! :) that milkshake looks amazing too! xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

I love the multi-coloured nails! x

Chloe said...

Thank you, loving multi coloured nails at the moment. 

Chloe said...

I actually love this tee. An old fave and the milkshake.... well the place that makes them is about to become my new fave!

Chloe said...

Thank you. AND YOU'RE BACK!