Saturday, April 28, 2012

To My Dearest...

To my dearest hair, an open letter from me to you.

We have been through a lot you and I. Granted not as much as many, but we have a long, bonded and special relationship.

I should take this opportunity to apologise to you for some of the abuse I have inflicted upon you over the years. There were the fringe years, although I take no responsibility for those, only for the following months of the snap together hair clips used whilst growing out the fringe years. And for those, I truly am sorry. I apologise for the brief hairsprayisthesolutionforevandalwayz period, because I'm sure you didn't enjoy the sticky mess any more than I, if the truth be told. But mostly, I should really apologise for the non-Aussie years. All the years that I didn't know about the pretty packaged, beautiful smelling, good for my hair Aussomeness, and then the following ones where I chose to ignore them.

The Curling Experiments...

But you see, my dearest, my long, my beautifully shiny, my chocolate coloured hair, I have seen the light and I know you deserve better, the fresh clean feeling from Miracle Moist Shampoo, the silk smoothness from Miracle Moist Conditioner or the funky fruityness of the Take the Heat 3 Minute Miracle. And whilst I continue my endeavour to make it up to you, and I shall of course promise to do better, to make it work between us, my ultimate gesture to you, I pledge to try and earn my wings, to give you the Aussie Aussomeness I know you so crave. To become an Aussie Angel to give you all the love I know you deserve.

Chocolate Brownie

To my hair, please forgive me, understand I'm trying to do better, and to Aussie, please help me in my bid to apease my hair and win back its shine, its volume, its life, soul and scent sensation. And to give it the Aussie love it deserves.

Yours Faithfully
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