Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chloe Likes To Eat

This one comes c/o my parents who were in Spain a couple of weeks ago. When I was living in Spain I developed a minor addiction to these and have been unable to find anything the same in the UK so it's usually first on my request list for my parents Mercadona trips.

Almonds coated in a very fine dusting of salt. It's kind of like the salt equivalent of icing sugar. Super tasty, super bad, very crunchy and my absolute favourite guilty savoury snack.

P.S. There's still a day or so left on my eBay sales. I'm clearing out a few things that are a bit too big/I bough and didn't wear as much as expected including:

Kate Moss for Topshop dress (UK 14)

Zara Collection  leopard print dress (Medium)

Nike Hoodie Dress (Large)

Viva La Diva lace up heels (UK 4)

As well as a couple of DVD box sets and bits. Almost everything is selling for £5 or less and all proceeds to the Chloe Wants A New Dress To Go Out In For Her Birthday Fund....


Adaisychaindream said...

Oh wow, they look SO good! x

Emily B. said...

They look delicious! Have you tried Blue Diamond almonds? The coating looks kind of similar although they're not just salted. 

feliciayohana said...


i'm following you now :D

mind to follow back? :)



Maria Fallon said...

Omnomnom these look amazing, I am so jealous! 

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

They are amazing, but I noticed recently, that I hadn't noticed just how salted they are, because it was so warm in Spain when I was there, and it really isn't here...

Chloe said...

I've never tried them, so I shall be sure to look out for them- the coating is just the white, it's the skins that have come off some of them where I think these are roasted.

Chloe said...

They are pretty good, I'd recommend if you ever find yourself in Spain (and probably France).