Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chloe Likes....

Like a complete brat, I'm really lusting over lots of things at the moment. With impending exams, I really don't need distracting with goodies, but something from this list might well end up being a post exam present to myself if I feel that I've done ok.

From Top

The perfect summery nails that I don't have to do myself.

With my impending Nigeria trip, how perfect are satchels for handluggage. And for work. And for everything.... Love the Graphite shade... almost black, but not quite so that it goes with other base tones too.

Please? Pretty Please? Somebody? It's taken me a while to come round to iPads, but now I can see how useful one would be as I come to the end of full time education and possibilities of living in more confined space/abroad/without the need to hammer out as much academic work. And I want one.

Cuddly and soft to pull on for cooler evenings (or days if it's the UK...) a gorgeous spring colour and a favourite of mine. 

From Top
Grey's Anatomy Series 1-7 Box Set
I've been hooked ever since I discovered Grey's. I love me some USA medical drama.

Models Own Ice Cream Sundea
I'm only a tiny bit of a cliche right?! But they are pretty colours....

Hustle Series 1-8 Box Set
I've always loved Hustle and now it's finished I want to be able to rewatch from the start.

Denman Strawberry Shortcake Hair Brush
A SCENTED hairbrush! How epic is that. I really wanted an apple version, but I'd settle for Strawberry.
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