Thursday, May 24, 2012

The I Life

I don't really do 'haul' posts, but I have purchased a few bits in the last couple of weeks that I did want to share with you, mostly because I've really liked them or really disliked them.

Primarily, I finally caved and got an iPhone. I was due an upgrade and my old phone was knackered and I hated the borrowed HTC, I got a pretty good deal on it, because there was no way I  was going to pay any serious money for a phone upgrade! Aaaaaanyway. Hit me with Apps that I need and anywhere that sells glittery cases- I want one that is gradient glitter from black to silver or gunmetal grey! Until I find one, I might have to do a DIY of some sort on this case!

Moving on,  a couple of other bits that are less extravagant.

E.L.F. Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint in Berry

At £3.50 it was a no brainer to add to my E.L.F. order as I can't really wear lipstick at the moment and was missing lip colour. It looks surprisingly neutral until I tried it out and realised it's quite a vibrant pink. Not that that's a bad thing.

Nail Foils, Primark

I spotted these on my wander through Primark this week, and for a quid, I figured that if the were rubbish, no big deal. I had planned to keep them for the night out the T and I have planned over my Birthday, but decided actually, it might be better to try them out first and re-purchase if they were good, so that I wasn't caught short. I'm pretty glad I did try them first. Behold, 12 hours (8 of those spent sleeping, a further 2 in bed...) later...

Suffice to say, I will not be repurchasing. They were a pain to put on my nail, they don't last and the bits that didn't flake off were a pain to get off. Massive thumbs down!

This is another £1 product, and not something I would usually put on the blog, as honestly, it's not a product I would usually need. But when I was caught short, as it were, and discovered these, I felt it rude not to share. 

Guesses as to what's in the tin? 

That's right. Tampons. The pound shop happened to be closest when I was in need, and for £1, I was able to buy a box containing 2 of these sweet little tins, each with 8 tampons within. What appeals, is that the tins don't scream sanitary product, they're really quite small and they mean I won't have to rummage in my handbag or makeup bag for the one spare tampon that might (or might not, as the case may be) be rolling around somewhere near the bottom. 

I don't (and haven't had for a long time) have regular periods, so these stylish little tins are ideal for me to keep in my bathroom or makeup bag. But even for more regular use, I can see how they would be easily refillable. Worth a look ladies. 

So just a few little things I thought I'd share mostly bargain bits and pieces. Until I walked past one so frequently, I never really went into Pound shops much, mostly because they weren't near enough to be convenient. Now I won't be walking by one 3 times a week, I foresee more planned trips. Whilst a lot of the shop is useless plastic rubbish, there are some great bargains to be had. Dental care like toothpaste, padded envelopes, and wax strips are just 3 things that I now pay substantially less for. The food aisles, are also great for stocking up on things like cereal bars, packet soups or biscuits/confectionery if, like me, you tend to graze through the day or have packed lunches to make.

I would love to hear of any bargain heroes you've come across of  late, and if there's anything I should be looking out for as a £1 bargain.


Angel In This Dress said...

I never thought I'd ever be writing this on someone's blog, but here goes....... that tampon set is amazing! Looks like a tin of biscuits or sweets or something! Really discreet and such a bargain find! x x 

Chloe said...

I never thought I'd be writing about tampons in a blog post either, but I couldn't not share them.

Maria Fallon said...

Those tampons (again can't believe I'm writing this) are a real bargain they are about £4 in Waitrose!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Definitely a pound shop bargain then! I think I may be becoming a pound shop addict!

xXxStundonxXx said...

That is such a bargain for the tampons in the pretty tin. I take the mini pill so don't have periods, but am tempted to buy them just for the tin! 
Those Primark nail foils look terrible, such a shame! x

Chloe said...

I used to take that particular type of pill, and although I still very rarely have a period, I miss the certainty in knowing that it wouldn't happpen! 

As for the nail foils, I think it may be a case of you get what you pay for. But it was worth a try I suppose.