Saturday, June 9, 2012

Coffee Monster*

I LIKE coffee. I like my coffee in bed. I do not like being a clumsy OAF who spill coffee in her bed. Especially when I have pretty sheets....

No seriously, coffee stains are an absolute beast to remove, from your favourite white shirt or cream jacket or pale bedlinen, and when I was contacted about the power of Vanish, I thought I really ought to share because Vanish has been the key in removing stains from all of the above- yeah, you'd think I would have learned that pale fabrics and I are not a match made in heaven....

Aside removing coffee stains, Vanish is pretty good at removing the lethal homemade tomato sauce stains that my dad seems to manage to get on EVERY white garment he owns, even red wine from a very very pale chiffon dress. The Vanish website also has some pretty good tips on how to get the most out of their products. Given that those oh so recognisable pinks tubs are a fixture in our utility room, I found it interesting to see how I could get more out of them. Well worth a look if you (or someone whose clothes you wash....) is as oaf like as me with a penchant for all things staining- from food and drink to outdoors and DIY!

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