Friday, June 15, 2012

I Wish

Jeggings, Primark
Shoes, Clarks (39.99)
Celine Satchel, Nica ( £25 in sale, now sold out)

Actually, I'm wearing jersey trousers, a Danger Mouse tee, no make up, a furrowed brow and my hair is scrunched up in a top knot...

Credit for the inspiration on this post goes wholly to the lovely Harriet. Allow me to explain. She recently posted about a lazy day outfit, thing is she looks awesome (better in fact than when I make an effort), and it made me think about my own current attire- see above, as I'm currently living in said attire, whilst I continue through with studying for my CPE's (half way there now!).

Damn I'm looking forward to getting dressed again!

This time next week.....

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