Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There's going to be no Chloe Likes To Eat for a while, as food is a bit of a sore point at the moment, and I'm not especially keen to do a weekly Instagram post, but I did realise that a bit of an update on recent happenings might be good to do. So here goes...


Ministry of Sound for Thomas Gold, A Whitehall Stay, Afternoon Tea, Bathroom Goodies (which I stole) and Westminster for the Jubilee


When the going gets tough, the tough take comfort in.... Pizza, bacon Sandwiches, text messages, shopping and reminiscing on the long gone good weather.


Popping my false eyelashes cherry, shiny sherbert nails, going skinny, SHOES, posing, matte sherbet nails, Hello Kitty, handbag purchase (hello sales shopping...), green wool

Our 9 year old Cocker Spaniel Monty, in various poses including waiting for me to give him some of my banana/apple (fat chance matey boy!) and sleeping. The cat in the middle was named CamoCat by T as it likes to chase it's matching friend in the long grass. It also likes to follow me about when I see it outside the house.


Revising, Revising some more. Getting flights and visas and jabs and meetings sorted for Nigeria- less than a month to go, making sure my friends also make it to our exams, and more revising....

So that's recently. Most of these are Instagram shots, and you can find me as chloelikestotalk and I have a mini feed running on my sidebar too.
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