Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So what do you get if you add a couple of insomniac nights to a couple of hundred studs and a languishing sweatshirt?

Sweatshirt H&M, £9.99 (old)
Studs, assorted from THIS eBay seller
Insomnia, Model's own, c/o seemingly everlasting CPE's. 

Having tried on a number of studded jumpers and cardigans from Topshop, and finding that none of them fitted, I took matters into my own hands. I found the pyramid studs by simply searching 'studs' on eBay and they came in at £4.99 for 100, they arrived super quickly and the service from the seller was so good that when I realised that 100 wasn't really enough to create the splatter effect I was after, I order 100 silver domed studs and 100 gunmetal domed studs, total cost for both was about £6 (including postage). They have spikes on the back which you simple push through the fabric and fold in using the end of a pair of scissors to secure. I'm sure there's plenty of special tools out there, but they don't seem very necessary for these simple studs.

I used all 100 pyramid studs on the splatter effect and also the should details and I've used rough 40 of each of the different domed studs (going on what's left in the bag...)

I'm really pleased with the over all effect of the studs and I cut the ribbed band off the bottom hem and both cuffs for a better shape to the sweater. The total cost of this jumper, including the postage for the studs is around £22, not bad when I was seriously considering keeping an ill fitting jumper costing £38 (inc delivery). Studding is also highly therapeutic at 0400 when you can't sleep. Just so you know....

Whilst I'm loving all the studded items on the highstreet at the moment, I can't help feeling it's quite overpriced when you can do the same things yourself for verging on half the price, and it's the kind of project that could be done in a couple of hours whilst you're watching a movie or TV or (like me) not sleeping even nattering with a friend, that said, I know studs are doing the DIY rounds at the moment, so link me in if you've posted a stud DIY, I have maybe 120/30 studs left to use and could do with some inspiration. 

P.S. Kudos if you picked up the Harry Enfield reference in the title!

P.P.S. I'm still selling lots of bits and pieces as my local charity shops aren't accepting donations... Help a girl out?
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