Saturday, July 28, 2012

Battle of the Brands

My interest in make-up is a growing one, as I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate, that with practice, it doesn't have to be obvious to look good, and that the most expensive product isn't always the best one. Long time lovers here will know that I'm slightly obsessive where mineral make up is concerned, it's the best solution I've found for my skin type and needs, but eye make up is one area that I still experiment with in terms of other brands and types.

My Aunt- who would be the most amazing beauty blogger if she knew how to use the internet... recently gave me the Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude palette after having tried it and had a bit of a reaction to the shimmer in the shades. Happy to do my bit and recycle, I promptly went off to play with it.

Whilst the overall result is... ok, I have to admit, I'm not impressed. The shades didn't come out particularly pigmented, the fall out of the glittery shimmery parts was HUGE and 3 hours after application most of my cheeks were further covered in tiny little shimmery bits. I'd be a bit hacked off if I paid RRP for this product which seems to be around about £25-30

P.S. excuse the ill face in the middle... I've had a nasty cough and cold this week.

Compare that to a £4 spend for twice the number of shadows.

I've been desperate to get my hands on this MUA Palette FOREVER. Ok, slight exaggeration, but for some time. Neutral eyes are my favourite go-to for day and often for night too, and despite the hype around palettes such as the Urban Decay Naked one, I was still more interested in this collection of true neutrals which I'm more likely to use all of. It was just a case of getting a hold of it, here in my rural abyss. 

I know this palette has been reviewed to death, so I'm not here to do that. But here's what I will say. I'd spend my £4 many times over on the MUA Heaven and Earth palette, my good experience with MUA products is well and truly continued. The shadows are more pigmented, have little fall out, last the day, and the packaging is surprisingly sturdier than expected, although it will still be packed into bags with caution.

Whilst the Bobbi Brown palette shall be living in my travel bag with it's slightly studier packaging, a back up but not my preference. I definitely wouldn't pay it's retail price, and I know I'd be sorely disappointed if I had. The lesson here: try before you buy, and don't underestimate a budget brand!

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