Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ready Or Not

All being well I should be several tens of thousands of feet up in the air right now, probably shattered after a ridiculously early start this morning.... I didn't want to leave CLTT silent in my absence though, so I have a few little things lined up and if you want to know what I'm up to, see HERE. Here goes...

So I like to harp on about Bare Minerals quite a lot, I know, but I have a shiny sparkly new purchase, and I wanted to share. So there.

One of the big problems people often have with mineral make up is that they come in a loose powder format, and I'll admit it doesn't always travel that well despite some tools which certainly make it easier. Well, problem no more.

Back in May, BM released the new Ready range- the same mineral make up I know and love... in solid pans. Genius? I think so. The range includes the translucent mineral veil- (like a base and finishing powder), a tinted mineral veil- the solid version of the mineral foundation, blushers, eyeshadow duos and eyeshadow quads ( Love THIS ONE). You can buy these relatively easily but the best prices I've seen for the most part have been via by and large because their prices include delivery.

I got mine via an Amazon seller because I had an Amazon giftcard to use after my mammoth trade in session a couple of weeks back. And just a word on the seller the price was still super competitive and although I paid delivery, it was only £1.95 and my goodies arrived one working day (order on Sunday evening, arrived Tuesday morning) later via DPD. Oh, and they sent me a freebie nail file, something I was actually in need of!

So firstly, isn't the packaging nice? Clean, and simple, and easy....

And secondly, isn't this a pretty colour?! It's kind of peachy coral and has a slight gold shimmer to it. All pictures were taken in natural daylight, so it's as true to life as possible. The shade is called Aphrodisiac and looks a lot like a Nars blusher that lots of people love.

I'll be doing a more in depth review on this once I've used it a bit more, it's with me at present whilst I'm in Nigeria, so I should have some more interesting things to say. But first impressions are good- the compact is solid and has a full lids worth of mirror. The small brush is workable for on the go, the colour is beautiful. Don't get me wrong, this is a fairly pricey product, but I wouldn't necessarily buy it for everyday use, for me this is the ultimate for travel and handbag- the make up I love, in a solid format.

Baby, I'm ready to go....


Mel said...

This looks really good, I feel much more inclined to give it a go now. I did really want to get the loose powder foundation at one point, but I decided against it as I find that type of product difficult to apply well and always seem to end up with too much. So this is much more up my street!
Have a great holiday :)
Mel xx

Maria Fallon said...

I have never tried Bare Minerals stuff but it looks amazing!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

DOITDOITDOIT! Love my mineral make up, can't imagine being without it, and the solid Ready bits have been a god send.

Chloe said...

The solid bits are great, but for the foundations, I think the loose powder is still king. It's worth having a try of it by going to their counters and having them talk you through applying it, I know what you mean about it being tricky, but it's definitely worth a go, and the staff are generally really helpful.