Monday, July 23, 2012

Recently I'm Wearing

Day 1: Zara Dress and Topshop Jacket
Day 2: H&M Dress, Topshop Jacket, Asda Shoes

Day 3: Primark Dress, Handbags At Dawn Winnings, Asda Shoes

An evening outfit: Asda Top, Primark Shorts
Day 4: Asda Top, Uniqlo Shorts

An evening outfit: Primark shorts and tee

Day 5: Primark Dress, Topshop Jacket, Asda Shoes

So Asda and Primark feature heavily right... Thing is, this Wardrobe Zoo addition... AMAZING


Also, Asda are on FIRE at the moment. A last minute trip yielded these 2 awesome tops before I left for my trip... For £8 each... not bad hmmmm

Not to mention these rather snazzy sandals for £8...

So there you have a week in outfit posts... not to shabby!



daisychaindream said...

LOVING your wardrobe lately! xo

Chloe said...

Cheers, I quite enjoyed doing these pictures everyday- not sure I could keep it up for proper ones on a daily basis though!

Maria Fallon said...

One and 5 are my favourites, they're awesome!

Maria xxx

Jaimie Cooke said...

really like the orange and pink top! I picked up a monochrome version in the H&M Sale not long ago, might have to pop down to ASDA and pick that one up!

CharlotteSparkle said...

Nice post, lovely outfits.

Chloe said...

Cheers you. Quite enjoyed doing demi-outfit posts each day!

Chloe said...

Thanks- ASDA are on FIRE at the moment, I almost bought have the store when I popped in for less exciting things like spare bedding yesterday. My mum bought some ab fab shoes!

Chloe said...

Thank you.