Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Sunglasses*

Sunglasses are something I have lots of. They live in the car, in my handbag, in the cupboard next to the keys, the depths of my empty suitcase and there may be a pair floating about in the car that I'm not insured to drive.... I've always had cheapo pairs that don't matter so much when they inevitably break or go walk about in the abyss of our home or vehicles, but lately, with all the very pretty pairs on the market, I'm finding myself swayed towards a better quality pair.

When I was contacted by SmartBuyGlasses, about their range of designer glasses, it set me on a bit of a wishlist mission. SmartBuyGlasses stock all sorts of rather nice looking brands like Carrera Sunglasses.... or some rather nice looking Persol 714 glasses. I think these are my current favourites, loving the leopard print goodness.

I also rather like these Chloe Glasses.... my namesake, therefore they were made for me, therefore I need them. Am considering a second job to fund my wishlist...


I also a bit in love with the extensive lists of dimensions on the site. I'm wary of buying something like glasses online, having always visited my optician for my proper ones, but underneath each pair, you'll find full measurements of the arms, bridge, lenses the lot. As someone with a tiny head, this is encouraging- even if I will look like an idiot when trying to measure bits of my face...

Oh and did you know these guys have a sale on right now?! MMMMHMMM!

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