Sunday, July 1, 2012

To Infinity

It seems a bit like all I've done is play catch up recently, but here we go again. Oh the irony, in the week since my exams finished, I haven't managed to blog...

I have quite a lot going on here at Chloe Likes To Talk HQ, so first up an impending trip. If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram you'll know over the last month there have been lots of emails and running round trying to secure visas and letters of intent and vaccinations and itineraries and certifications. The reason for this, well this time next week I'll be coming to the end of my first 24 hours in Nigeria. I've been selected (along with one of my awesome friends SHOUT OUT Natalie....)to head out for guest lecturing and added bonus I get to speak at the Nigerian Bar Association. It would be fair to say I'm quite excited....

This weekend has been all about last minute shopping and getting most of my packing done being as I will be at work during the week next week.

A #wardrobezoo purchase and all the important (read: less exciting) bits

Rest assured whilst I'm gone I won't be abandoning Chloe Likes To Talk (*cough* like I did this week *cough*) I have a few guest posts lined up from some wonderful wonderful ladies and I'll be scheduling a couple of my own posts that I've got in the pipeline too.

Another little bit of excitement to share with you is a personal triumph. Once upon a time I used to do a bit of writing, I even harboured dreams of becoming a fashion journalist. Intervening reality checks made me realise I'm neither fashionable nor a journalist and other commitments meant I didn't have time to write for free any more.

Roll forward 6 years and the lovely and really rather amazing Michelle produced the first issue of the online magazine Aesthetic earlier in the year, and it's a beautiful beautiful magazine, aimed at graduate women. GO READ IT HERE Based on the success of the City Girl Edition, Michelle is creating a second edition, and I'm honoured and really quite proud to tell you that you'll be able to see a few words from yours truly. 

Having a submission accepted for Aesthetic means a lot to me, being able to do something I love and reminding myself why I enjoy it so much is important to me. It's a great reminder that we should all do something we love even if we know that pragmatism might get in the way of making it your dream career or the thing that dominates your world.

So heads up, plenty going on here, and I'll leave you with this little peek into my life....

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Laura Budd said...

I'm so excited for your trip! x

Chloe said...

Thanks Laura, me to!!!!

Maria Fallon said...

LOVE the wardrobe zoo addition and exciting travel plans!

Maria xxx

Rebecca Shipley said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the Preston heads up - sweet shop that sells American Sweets? *puts shoes on immediately*

Your trip sounds far too exciting. I've read about it and now I'm going to have a little lie down.

(Always love a good wardrobe zoo purchase.)

Chloe said...

Thanks, I'm really quite excited now too.

Chloe said...

It's quite easy to find- go the the main Preston campus of UCLan and it's off one of the little streets on the round about- the one past The Adelphi Pub.

The wardrobe zoo purchase was also Primark in sunny Preston!