Friday, August 24, 2012

Double Your Money

Free money, a lot of people will tell you there's no such thing, and maybe in the true sense there isn't, but my loyalty points are the closest thing I get- I shop in certain stores, regardless, so I figure I'm in for anything they can give me back, and Tesco is one of those stores.

I was idly browsing Twitter and the like, and discovered that Tesco are currently running their Clubcard Exchange. I didn't pay much attention until Clothing at Tesco then tweeted that their goodies were part of it. I pricked up my little ears... Clothing... Clubcard Points... Free clothes?! Upon further investigation, I found the following:

The Clubcard Exchange- for every £5 of Clubcard points vouchers (which can be made up of a number of smaller denominations...) the Clubcard Exchange will you give you £10 of vouchers for your chosen area of exchange. Check it out HERE and it's running until August 29th, so if you get your behind in gear, you can still grab yourself some doubled free money!

Naturally, I exchanged the £10 of vouchers I had kicking about for £20 to spend on Clothing at Tesco. Want to see what I bought? Do you? Hmmmmmm? The dress of DREAMS is what!

Dress, F+F Clothing at Tesco £16 FREE
Shoes, Clarks

No such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as a free dress! Guilt free shopping at its best!
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