Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flower Power

Little cheeky Topshop Purchase, having discovered the iPhone app.... Not entirely sure it's safe that I've discovered the ability to purchase clothing on my phone....

Fishtail Top, Topshop
Jeans, Primark
Necklace c/o Char
Bag c/o Handbags At Dawn via A Daisy Chain Dream giveaway

Worn for a one course wonder dinner out this weekend, T pointed out this top is a bit more 'fashiony' than my usual taste- he's an eloquent one is T! And he's probably right, but I've been trying a few different things and I like that this will work with jeans as well as it would with my leather trousers, for now, for a winter night out, even over a pencil skirt for dinner. But it's still more than 'just' a flowery t-shirt.

I'm also going back to buying better. Being in proximity to Primark regularly at uni made it easy to buy more but buy things that weren't great value, that didn't last or that I didn't truly like as much as if I were to be paying say twice the price. A £3 t-shirt that only last 3 weeks, is it really more economical than a £10 or even £20 one that sees me through a couple of years?

The other thing I'm guilty of is buying several things of the same colour/style rather than trying something new. We all need a basic long sleeve tee or a favourite cardigan, but for a long time my wardrobe has all been a bit the same. Buying one, slightly different, better quality garment has got to be better for my personal style as well as better ethically, financially and generally than having a wardrobe full of the same t-shirt in 10 colours, none of which will be any good in a matter of weeks or even months.

Anywho... rant over- here's to a better dressing.

And P.S. I have some real bargains on eBay at the moment including a skincare starter kit at 99p, an iPod docking station, some Hugo Boss Perfume and a gorgeous embellished dress that my mother has slimmed out of. You can also find all my eBay items by following the eBay tab under my header.
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