Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello Holland

When I spotted the chance to win a couple of days break to Amsterdam, I couldn't not enter. Couldn't.

Something you might not know about me is that I have a borderline obsession with Miffy- y'know, the cute little bunny line drawing who wears super cute outfits? Well in the same way that many fall for the Hello Kitty charm, I fell for Miffy. The thing is, Miffy isn't a Japanese or Chinese creation- despite the styling. She's Dutch (and called Njinte in Dutch).

So, the chance to visit Miffy's home? Bring it! But what does one wear to visit the home of this iconic little bunny, to spend a few hard earned pennies (erm Monki, Cheaper H&M, and have you SEEN Dutch street style vintage?!)

Well... this is my Amsterdam shopping break look for the easyJet holidays competition...

Dress, Ted Baker

Coat, Topshop

Feather Cape, Topshop

Shoes, Bertie

Boots, New Look

So... Pretty dress- CHECK. Day time shopping calls for thick tights, these gorgeous boots for a lift and a trend, and to keep my feet warm and dry, and this cosy cosy coat.

And because I'm lazy like to keep things simple, wouldn't these gorgeous Bertie flats and statement feather cape be fabulous to take my dress from day to night for drinks- this bar, House of Bols would definitely suit for a post shopping drink- I'm a bit of a cocktail fiend, truth be told...

And at the end of it all, I can think of nothing better than heading back to a hotel room. Despite having partly grown up in a hotel (SO not as glamorous as you'd think), there's something about a hotel room that excities me, that it's only my haven for a short while, that it's almost always more luxurious than my own surroundings... and that what goes on in a hotel room, stays in a hotel room!!!

This hotel is super modern and I imagine it would look just beautiful at night on the wander back from dinner- or stagger back from aforementioned cocktails... with it's colour and waterside location. And this hotel really captures a bit of the old. I don't know huge amounts about Dutch history, but would love to learn more, and the building just captures my wish to learn more about the Netherlands. Ohhhh... and did I mention part of the prize is to stay in one of these (or a number of other) FOUR STAR hotels?

So Amsterdam, I'd love to see more of you than just Schipol, Miffy.... I need more of your memorabilia, Cocktails- be warned. Shops of Holland- My. Euros. Are. Coming.



char said...

Oh that feather cape is just amazing. Holland? Yes please!

helen at thelovecatsinc said...

love the dress!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc
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Chloe said...

I know right?! Isn't it so dramatic! And yes- Holland may be on the cards for me in December, hoping to get tickets for Swedish House Mafia at the Ziggo Dome.