Saturday, September 8, 2012

Recently I'm Wearing

My WIWT addiction appears to be escalating continuing, and so I bring you some more outfits. I'd really like to do some proper outfit posts at the moment, but unfortunately I'm struggling a bit for space with living conditions at Chloe Likes To Talk HQ being.... compromised, more on that next week. In the mean time, it's been a casual and comfortable week here, but a couple of favourites and a new purchase are in the mix.

H&M Shirt, Topshop leggings, Primark shoes
George at Asda Top, Primark denim leggings, Topshop cardigan & ring, Clarks Aintree Jump shoes

Topshop Jumper, F+F Jeans, Ring unknown, Clarks Cadiz flats
Topshop Flecked Tee, F+F Jeans, Clarks Cadiz Flats, Shaun Leane ring, Necklace- gift

Topshop Flecked Tee, Primark Denim Leggings, Clarks Cadiz Flats, Nica Handbag, Ring- gift (it was my grandmothers

Primark Tee, Denim Leggings & plimsols, Wendy House Rocks necklace*
Topshop Top, F+F Jeans, George at Asda flats

DIY Studded Jumper, F+F Jeans, Clarks Aintree Jump shoes
Primark Tee, Topshop Jeans, Primark Shoes, Ring from Glasgow Trip

Presently in house move hell- the house my parents just bought turned out to have all sorts of nasty surprises, and somewhere in the mix, the business still has to function like normal, the dog has to be pandered to, and I still have to find a proper job. The phrase 'keep calm, carry on' is one uttered in the confines of my grey matter often. 


whereisharriet said...

I love your gorgeous collection of rings! You accessorize a casual and comfortable week so well!

Totally with you on the lack of photo taking space - I am suffering from that too - think I may actually need to brave the outside world for photos soon, gulp!

peque divine said...

love ypur blog!! Im following u!

Maria Fallon said...

I love those Clarks shoes! I am with you on not being able to take photos very well, it is dark when I leave so I am struggling during the week!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Thanks Harriet, I'm a big lover of accessories... obsessive perhaps... I'm almost glad I can't take pictures outside- no tripod and no photographer....

Chloe said...

I do not envy you having to be up super early, taking the pics without daylight is such a nightmare.