Monday, September 24, 2012

Recently I'm Wearing

Another week, Another 500 or so miles clocked up on the commuter trail. I'm looking forward to being stuck in the flat, on my own with the Gossip Girl DVD's I've just order, a stack of magazines, a well stocked Kindle and the rather nice looking sausages I've just unpacked from the shopping.

Another week with a few outfits for you too... the WIWT addiction continues...

A few cold wet days...

Primark T-shirt dress- the cheap version of THAT Topshop one, Primark tights, Draven flats, Nica handbag, Spanish pashmina scarf, Topshop ring
Topshop jumper, Primark denim leggings, Clarks flats, Ministry of Sound wristband, Ring a gift from my grandmother

A few less cold but still wet days...

Primark polka dot tights (ancient), Primark t-shirt dress as above
Topshop jumper, Primark denim leggings, Clarks flats, Nica handbag, Spanish pashmina scarf, H&M biker jacket

And when it's as cold and miserable as this, and you're exhausted and full of cold, and having to ponder what on earth to wear for a Skype interview....

Topshop Cat Slippers (last year)
Topshop Cat Scarf

Seriously- the cat scarf was worth every penny of the full price £20 (I bought it with my very last student discount for £18). It's super fluffy, bang on the perfect length, and it looks as though I have a cat draped over my shoulders. SERIOUSLY, what's not to love.

I'm off to continue pondering my wardrobe in order to find something that will look good on webcam, and that clearly says 'employable, competent, personable, professional'.
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