Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Snow Patrol

I've been meaning to buy white polish for ages, mainly so I could do this...

Ft Models Own
Snow White- Passion Pink- Lilac Dream- Juicy Jules- Baby Blue- Jade Stone- Black Nail Pen

I quite like this for an alternative for leopard print nails, they also seem to be getting a lot of attention. I just feel I probably could use some more practice...

Just a heads up ladies- I bought my Snow White polish from Boots, who are currently doing a freebie deal- spend £10 on Models Own and get a free nail art pen. I also bought Utopia, and got me a free white nail pent, so there may be a bit more nail art to come.


Temporary:Secretary said...

Utopia is a great shade, i think i need to mooch over the Boots and check this deal out! xoxo

Chloe said...

Definitely worth a look, haven't tried Utopia yet, but think it'll make a nice base for glitter!