Friday, October 12, 2012

Recently I'm Wearing

So yeah... the WIWT addiction roles on, but the comments and views would suggest that my posts here collating what I've been wearing recently go down rather well. This edition features a couple of new purchases, more on those after the weekend.

 Topshop flecked tee, Zara skirt, Primark Cardigan, Clarks Flats
George at Asda knitted tunic, H&M leggings, Clarks flats, Spanish scarf

I'm loving this cheap and cheerful knitted tunic from Asda at the moment, it's great for cooler dry days with a pair of flats and some decent quality leggings and is such an easy wash and wear. The Zara skirt is my old faithful (remember THIS) and lives to see another winter. It's been a big reminder to me that sometimes you get what you pay for- this skirt was not expensive at £9.99, but having also seen a £6 version in Primark, I almost didn't buy it. Safe to say not much that I've purchased 2-3 years ago from Primark has lasted as much wash and wear as this simple skirt!

 Primark Jumper, Uniqlo ankle length trousers, Clarks flats
Primark t-shirt dress & belt, New Look boots (as below), Spanish Scarf

These Uniqlo trousers are an absolute DREAM. A great purchase last weekend, they're comfy, easy to care for and a really easy way to do casual but elegant and avoid denim. my favourite wear so far has definitely been with a light weight jumper and flats, but I'm looking forward to donning some simple heels and a loose fit shirt for a smarter update.

Clothing at Tesco dress, Primark belt
New Look boots

These boots are going to feature heavily, I can tell. They were the only pair left in store, and actually a size bigger than usual, but I snatched them off the shelf to try on regardless, as I tend to wear heaftier socks with boots anyway, and behold, they fit. The Tesco dress is a nightmare to capture as the fabric is ever so slightly shiny, but considering it cost me NOTHING, yes, NADA using Tesco clubcard vouchers in their Clubcard Exchange event this summer (more on this and the dress HERE).



Maria Fallon said...

Those Uniqlo trousers sound awesome I want some for work!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Go for it, they are AMAZING. They have them online, I think they're called something like just Women's Ankle Length Trousers.