Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recently I'm Wearing

Another week, another 600 or so miles travelled. The whole splitting my time thing has been getting a touch weary of late, so it's a good thing I had a legit excuse to avoid it as we head into a new week. I'm actually in London as this goes live, hopefully with a positive outcome on one or two things I'm up to. 

Topshop jumper, Zara skirt, New Look boots. Since buying this jumper in the late summer, the only thing I regret is not picking up another colour way- it's the perfect autumn jumper for me- long enough to wear over slimmer bottoms, but short enough to tuck loosely into a higher waist, it's a jumper, but not so heavy weight that I can't wear a jacket over it comfortably.... oh and it's got multicoloured rainbow thread through it. Ahem. 

ASOS tunic/blouse, H&M leggings, Spanish pashmina, Clarks flats. This top has been a bit of a favourite since it landed from an ASOS sale last year. whith a colour and buttoms part way down it's a touch smarter than my usual tunic styles, but super comfy, easy wear and a touch different with it's batwing sleeves. I'm looking forward to breaking out my winter boots to wear with this comnbo too, if I can prise the flats from my feet. 

Topshop flecked tee, Primark denim leggings, New Look boots. When I put this outfit on, on a dreary work morning, I had visions of the beautiful and effortlessly stylish Michelle of Daisybutter who wears slim trousers and ankle boots so well. Alas, I seem to be lacking in the slender legs department and I've vowed not to wear these beloved boots until I can get my legs back in better shape. 6 months of a drug regimen that dehydrates so much I was warned not to indulge in hardcore exercise (I ignored the warning, I paid the price, I learned my lesson), have left me feeling uncomfortable with my body in many respects, and looking back on some pictures I tried to take of a 'proper' outfit last week made me realise I'm going to have to find new ways to get back in shape until running is on the cards and I'm somewhere close enough to a swimming pool.

Hero&Cape tee (yes, this one!)
Au contraire to the feelings brought out with last outfit, I can't help but smile when I see and wear this t-shirt. Gold 'tasche and bowler hat.... come on!
I really enjoyed putting some thought into styling the t-shirt, and it was a fab reminder that whilst to some, the cost this t-short might seem a lot, that you value for money is not just about what something costs in the first place. My last Her&Cape t-shirt has survived infinite wears and washes, and continues to be a favourite, and like that one, this is another original piece of design work. In some respects I think the internet has devalued original pieces of intellect- Artwork, words, ideas, knowledge. Just because there are free options doesn't mean there is no value to it, and maybe a few more of ought to be thinking of the value of these things. For me this is a constant issue as the business I'm involved in trades on knowledge, trust, and sometimes a non-tangible product.

Topshop Cat Scarf, H&M wool coat, Clarks flats
The first real chill in East Anglia as I departed for London this weekend. I was rather glad of my coat then although being unused to the balmier London temperatures, I've subsequently spent the rest of the week throwing said coat off in hot sweats!

Primark dress, ASOS shoes, Spanish scarf.
My dress of choice for the interview I had on Monday for pretty much the job of my dreams. I have EVERYTHING crossed, and hope my flash of colour and winning personality made a good and memorable impression.



Maria Fallon said...

I hope your interview went well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Maria xxx

Caroline said...

I'm with you on the ankle boots and slim trouser thing - I struggle to pull that off too with my less-than-slender legs. Nice choice for the interview! Best of luck!

Chloe said...

Thank you for the good wishes. Ankle boots and slim trousers seem to be a tricky one- it certainly brings out my green eyed monster when I see it pulled off by others.

Chloe said...

Thanks Maria- those extra crossed fingers must have done the trick!