Saturday, October 6, 2012


So you might know the new James Bond movie is coming out very soon, I'm in London this weekend and every second billboard I've seen has been for something Bond related. One brand cashing in happens to be O.P.I. and although I was tempted by the glitter polish, my mum bought me this miniatures which it turns out was a rather lovely thank you gift and so much better than another glitter polish.

Skyfall Minis, O.P.I, gifted

Live And Let Die- GoldenEye- The World Is Not Enough

Aren't the pretty? All of these were taken with Instagram, and I selected the filters to try and best capture the true to life colour of the polish- all three of these have copious amounts of shimmer, sparkle or glitter, so they're hellish to capture.

Both Live And Let Die and The World Is Not Enough are painted over a dark base coat, and and GoldenEye is a 3 coats over a clear base coat. I haven't yet tried the red (The Spy Who Loved Me) but I think it'll be a nice dramatic touch a simple black dress.

I don't usually buy into the various special ranges or collaborations, but in this case, it was a fab gift that I've enjoyed playing with. GoldenEye in particular is like liquid gold, and the gunmetal shade of silver that you get from The World Is Not Enough is amazing. All in all.. THANKS MUM!
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