Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Importance of Being Fabulous

You know when you walk into a shop, and the shop assistants are so edgily dressed in the brands goods, and even the security guard is looking you up and down to assess if you *really* belong there... yeah. That. I spent the weekend just gone in London and wanted to a bit of shopping, as you do, and the experience set a lot of thoughts running through my ahead- quite aside the usual ' OOOOOOH CAT SLIPPERS' or 'I. Need. That.'.

Purchase of the weekend for you...

I am not a confident person. This seems to come as a surprise to people, mostly because through necessity, I have learned that you have to have your various public faces in order to remain professional or to meet people in new situations. I wouldn't say that those public faces are entirely different personas to my own, but I think if we're all brutally honest with ourselves, we all have a reserve of something that we use when we need it, to project the version of ourselves that we want or need others to see.

I wasn't the brightest or the best at school or at uni, although I have some strong opinions, I'm wary of areas when I don't feel my knowledge is in depth enough to argue a notion (see- politics), I'm not particularly beautiful or attractive- certainly not in an attention grabbing kind of way, and I won't wow you with stunning wit or awesome impressions.

I can however, make a decent cookie, I speak 3 languages to a reasonable standard, I know how to get my head down and work 14 hour day internships whilst trying to study full time, I can still swim 6KM without too much training and I can make a dress from scratch, including the pattern itself if I have a whole day to myself and the right frame of mind.

Shop assistants can look you up and down as much as they please, and yes, you'll probably wander out of the shop realising that much as you'd like to be the kind of girl who wears the brand in question (FYI the shop was Forever 21 on Oxford street), but do you really want to be that person?

It's taken me a long time to work out who I am and what I want, and the process of learning about oneself is never ending, nor should it be, but understanding who you are really helps to remind you why you're so fabulous, and truly, we all are. I'll forever marvel those who can are academically strong or who have wonderful recall memory, I am never the girl whose phone wasn't charged so she couldn't reply to your text and I've met plenty of people who ask me how I manage life in general when I have a lot on. I'll never be the kind of girl who is dressed head to toe in the latest edgy trends- or even in Topshop/Forever 21/insertcoolgirlbrandofchoice, but I am the kind of girl who can make a £10 dress look good enough to get compliments from a footballers wife wearing several thousand pounds worth of outfits.

It's important that we all remember these fabulous points, because nothing seems to irritate a snarky shop assistant or the horridly superior person on your course at uni or the one that sits 3 desks over and thinks a salary band also equates to the difference between being worthy of common courtesy more, than smiling as you remember the time that you managed to get up, dressed, made up, and to work on time despite waking up 30 minutes before you were due to be sat at said desk/in said lecture. And nothing will make you walk taller than when you remember that yes, yes it is you who has over 250 people interested enough to read what you publish online a few times a week.

The importance of being fabulous- absobloodylutely crucial.


Mel said...

I loved reading this post Chloe, and what you say is so true. Sometimes it's so easy to only see the things we haven't got or are not good at, and when we try to see the other side of the coin we can't see the wood for the trees. But it's true, we really are all fabulous in our own little ways, and what's more is that that's what makes us - and the world - interesting.
For the record, I'm very envious of your dress-making abilities!
Thanks for the food for thought :)
Mel xx

daisychaindream said...

Amazing post m'dear! xo

Maria Fallon said...

I think you are bloody fabulous, never forget that!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Thanks Mel, glad you enjoyed the post and you took something from it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just rabbiting on about mostly irrelevant rubbish!

Chloe said...

Thank you queriditia.

Chloe said...

N'aaawww, thanks Maria. I also think you are fabulous, so keep that in mind!