Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I Wore This Week- The Hero&Cape edition

Remember this? Alex of Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks and I styled off these amazing Hero&Cape T-shirts from their first collection, aside a few snags with fit, these have proven to be beautiful, original t-shirts, unlike anything else about, and the kind of t-shirt that brings a bit MORE to the party.

With the latest shiny new collection recently released- The Offbeat Collection- including a wider choice of t-shirt fits and styles, and as ever some impeccable and original designs, it shouldn't really surprise you that Alex and I decided it might be time to do it all over again!

T-shirt, Hero&Cape £25

When I first decided to grab some pictures (thanks to T and the new garden setting), I was desperate to get some pictures of my new trousers (yes, those ones) that I've pretty much been living in when I'm not bundled up in thick cosy tights, so here they are. My new favourite Uniqlo trousers!

T-Shirt, Hero&Cape
Trousers, Uniqlo
Flats, Clarks

Things I like about this- throw on a blazer and tuck in the shirt, and I'd be happy going to work, throw on my biker jacket and I'd be just as happy people watching and coffee drinking (what I ended up doing). More things I like- a t-shirt that's long enough to wear over something low rise without constantly showing the world my back/behind/stomach. It has a GOLD MOUSTACHE and a bowler hat.

A few things the more observant amongst you might have noticed.... not my usual location! These are the first pictures taken in the garden of the new house. I'm not living there full time so I doubt there will be many here, but I have, as it were, christened the place!

The new style of tee that Hero&Cape are using! Isn't it amazing?! The last time we did this, both Alex and I were a little disappointed that the t-shirt itself wasn't all that flattering for either of our shapes, but a new finer jersey, a wider neckline and shorter sleeves on these new styles make all the difference. FYI I'm wearing a size S, which equates to an 8 apparently. I usually wear more like a 10 but this fits well and I wasn't looking for something to over sized. MAJOR thumbs up that the very lovely people behind Hero&Cape have taken they're product to the next level.

I'm definitely not blonde. I've been trying out darker colours on my hair since April, and this is the latest one. A slighter cooler brunette. I'm not sure I'm sold on it though. I like my hair dark, but struggling to find something that's warm enough without being borderline red. Help please? Any suggestions would be most welcome!

And I'll leave you with Alex, and how she styled it this time.... don't forget to go over and check it out



Astifa Kazmi said...

so nice blog .

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Helen said...

Your uniqlo pants look fab on your, especially with this t-shirt!

Chloe said...

Thank you, I'm only sad that it seems to have turned quite cold quite quickly, and I may not be able to live in them quite as constantly!

whereisharriet said...

That is such a great t-shirt! I'm on the hunt for some great flattering t-shirts at the moment, as so many just don't look good on, but this one looks amazing on you!

Love the uniqlo trousers too - such a great fit.