Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Furry Find

About a month ago I went to put on my much loved H&M biker jacket. It's faux leather goodness has seen my through a seriously cold German winter, 3 universities and is my go to for the autumn and early winter as an easy wear style of jacket that goes with so much. You can imagine my dismay, when upon turning it around, I noticed that it really was beyond being simply 'well loved' and was in fact worn out, with the faux leather coming away at the seams and bits of the stitching giving way.

Not only did this fill me with dread because I was relying on said jacket to pull together the contents of my suitcase for a short trip away, but also because, much like the perfect pair of jeans or the black dress you know will flatter you on any given day, it's a bloody nightmare trying to replace something integral to your wardrobe, as my biker style jacket is to mine. Cue much despair on my part with thoughts of being unable to find a new jacket for many months. 

It is in fact by chance that 2 weeks ago I found myself in Topshop Oxford Circus. I was due to meet my grandparents for a brief lunch nearby, but had some time to kill. And why not, I thought. The search has to start somewhere. 

Lo and behold...

Faux leather jacket with detachable faux fur collar, Topshop £58

This is a little more than I wanted to spend, especially as it's faux leather, but having tried it on (a size up from usual FYI) and realised that I loved it, it fit beautifully and the detachable fur collar was a MAJOR sell. On trend, and easy to switch up... helllo! On reflection, I also think it's better value to spend more on something that you wear frequently, because it should last the course. Cost per wear has become increasingly more important to me- check out this post I wrote earlier in the year on buying better.

I'm also rather fond of the detailing on the sleeves. I don't usually go for quilting, but the single straight lines bring a contemporary non tacky feel to the technique. The jacket is lined with a simple cotton- much appreciated as it doesn't cause static with the other synthetics, and those are good sturdy zips too. 

All in all, it's love. 
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