Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ask Her Friends

Recently a rather friendly email arrived introducing me to a website named

The basic premise is that guys often get gift buying for their better halves/mothers/nieces/sisters horribly wrong or decide that throwing money at the problem is a good way to solve it. is a virtual way of, as the name suggests, getting help as if you were, for instance, asking her friends.

I had a good poke about on the site, and found it an interesting concept. You can input characteristics of the person you're buying for, based on her relation/connection to you, or what they might choose to do on a free weekend or day off. Great if you have a partner or brother who is not in tune with what you like or your taste.

I have to admit, I tried putting my own details in, and it didn't really throw up results that I'd want T to buy for me, but then T and I are very lucky in that we seem to get gifts right, and T has a bit of a knack for knowing what will make me smile, whether it's my birthday or because transport made me too ill to go out anywhere for a whole weekend (yes, that happened).

That said, I've often spent longer trying to source a Christmas gift from my Dad to my Mum than sourcing my own gifts. There's also the memorable story that my mother tells, of the year he bought her pans for her birthday.... FAIL.

So whilst I'm not sure that is something I'd use personally, or direct my partner too, I will be sending my Dad in their direction, as well as my male best friend whose taste in gifts is borderline disastrous.

This website is a fab tool for a starting point for the men in your life who need some direction. To make it clear that if you're the girl planning her next half marathon, perfum or Touche Eclat may not be the gift for you, as the newest generation of Nike Fuelband might not be for you if your free weekend is spent catching up on Grey's Anatomy and a whole handful of your favourite fashion blogs. may not be the answer to a truly personal gift giving hand, but it's certainly going improve the smiles and general Christmas present opening for a whole host of women whose male relative are not quite in tune with what we want.

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Maria said...

I got Mark to try this (lol) and it was pretty much spot on!

Maria xxx