Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chloe Likes Sensible Shopping

When I wrote my recent post about buying better and quality vs quantity, I was super encouraged that so many of you seemed to be having similar thoughts, and as many of the people I interact with regularly are people in their first and second 'proper' jobs, with considerations such as rent or mortgages, savings and the future, it seems also that for many of us, that when we spend money on ourselves whether it's a treat or a necessity, we want to feel reassured that it's money not squandered.

So, on the back of that, I decided to make this short series- sensible shopping. Buying the things you need and love, and spending your hard earned pennies sensibly, getting the best value- whether it's £2 or £20 or £200. This week- shoes! More specifically party shoes.

I've never been to a work Christmas party before. Consuming an extra bottle of wine with my parents on the Friday before Christmas, mostly because we'd just managed to do a couple of weeks work in 4 days, doesn't really count... This year, I have a shiny new proper job (I will stop going on about this, eventually), and with it came an invite to the Christmas party, which has a James Bond theme. Sounds great, I think it'll be a fab chance to get to know a few colleagues outside of 'could you pass me the portable scanner please', but my first thought was....

WHAT am I going to wear?! Having had a mental flick through my wardrobe, I remembered a suitable dress. Black. Sparkly. Easy. It's just shoes. The shops are full of Party Shoes, with a capital P, but what happens when you don't want to buy cheap shoes because you know how much your feet will hate you, and those strappy feathery expensive ones, well they're pretty, but will you really really get £100 of wear from them before they become boring/impractical/water damaged? Hmmmmm?

House of Fraser recently got in touch to tell me about their selection of shoes, and so I thought I'd bring you my favourites- party-worthy shoes that your feet won't whinge about, and that will work hard for their worth.

The Sale pick:

Nine West Donthate Court 

Loving the flash of colour these would add to a black or a deep purple dress, the suede is something a bit different, but a sturdier heal, a platform and a closed toe mean these would also be fabulous with the trusty black shift and blazer for a meeting or with my favourite ankle grazer trousers for a dinner date or drinks with friends. P.S. These beauties are in the sale for £65, and if red isn't your thing, then this Black version by Dune are great too, against a pair of coloured tights for impact or great for daily wear, at £45, they should represent excellent versatility.

The Flats:

Carvela Lieutenant flats

If you're heel averse, these flats make an amazing statement. But they're also bang on trend, and are the kind of shoes you could pull on with skinny jeans and a fine knit jumper to hit the shops. These are, without a doubt pricey shoes at £95, but I also know that they're the kind of shoe that you can rely on whenever you're stuck for an interesting flat.

The Designer Splurge

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Rylie shoes

I've seen a lot of adversity flying about, towards those who pride and describe themselves as being thrifty and have purchased an expensive gadget or designer handbag, but as an adult, if you earn your own money, that means you're entitled to spend it as you wish, and whether your vice is going out at the weekend so you can let some steam off, or buying the latest iPad to enable you to run your life on the move as well as watch the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, or enjoying a designer purchase to provide your wardrobe with lasting pieces that you love, well frankly that's your business, and all these things can constitute money well spent from the discount on your handbag or the exclusive deal on your gadget. Being green, these caught my eye straight away, something a bit different, but a lasting pair of solid shoes means they'll be fabulous for wear after wear and although an unusual colour, the classic style gives them the versatility to cover a multitude of occasions.

And lastly, my personal favourites.

Steve Madden Intrude-S shoes

I bought a pair of Steve Madden boots back in 2009. They were, I won't lie, full price, and my first truly *expensive* purchase. But, they're currently seeing me through a 4th winter, making them the longest lasting boots I've ever had, and I've worn them roughly 6 days of 7 for 12-16 weeks of the year, meaning they've work out roughly the same as buying a new pair of £60 boots per year even if they didn't last another winter, which is precisely what I used to do, and that cost is decreasing with every wear.

It shouldn't be a surprise that I view the cost of these beautiful shoes as justifiable. They're on trend, they're PRETTY, I can't think of anything in my wardrobe, except one pair of slightly short wide leg trousers, that they wouldn't work with. Teamed with my black dress, gold nail polish and some serious curling and pinning of my hair,I think these are my Bond Girl shoes sorted.

What do you think of my House of Fraser picks? I was really pleasantly surprised by the volume of brands that are stocked and you can visit House of Fraser for more designer shoes

*This is a sponsored post, but all content except the images which were provided at my request, is created by me, all opinions, views and reviews are my own*



Winnie said...

Those Carvelas are lovely. Some of my favourite shoes are from KG...I always think quality is the way to go with shoes and makes a cheaper outfit look so much more expensive/well put together.

Britishette said...

Love love the red shoes!

Chloe said...

Thanks, me too, a gorgeous shade of red!

Chloe said...

This is a growing theory for me- my feet are also really very grateful too- I recently pulled on an old pair of cheap flats to splodge about in, it was like wearing paper shoes after being used to my favourite Clarkes. Definitely thinking my experience with heeled shoes will be well and truly better and possibly more successful with a better quality pair...

Julie Lan said...

christmas party with james bond theme sounds amazing, have a great time!

Chloe said...

Thanks- hoping it will be fun!