Monday, November 5, 2012


First off, I'd wanted to thank everybody for their lovely messages on my last post Moving On Up. I'm really excited about all the progress flying my way, and can't wait to share more once I'm sorted. 

Tonight being November 5th, I wanted to share a couple of the 300 pictures I managed to take this weekend. T & I went to Blackheath for the display put on by Lewisham Borough Council. To say they were good, does not do it justice. The display is HUGE and the fireworks were plentiful and amazing. It was also free, with cadets collecting donations. Having seen displays at £10+ per ticket, I thought this was much more budget friendly. T & I put a decent donation together as we thought it was well worth it, and would happily venture back next year. 



Maria Fallon said...

This looks like fun, I'm glad you are able to spend more time with T too!

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

Thank you. It certainly was good fun. I do love fireworks, and it was lovely to go to such a huge and well attended display.