Saturday, November 3, 2012

Moving On Up

My week started with train entertainment....

I put my game face on... this is my version of 'Professional, personable, presentable!'

I did a lot of trekking across London from the Docks, through the City and up to leafy North West London.

I made a purchase from Topshop... which I'll be sharing very soon. MY PRECIOUS!

I dressed to impress... and make a memorable impression.... 

and it must have worked... 

Because this is the view from my new bedroom window. 

Thank you to everyone who wished me well on Twitter this week. If you missed it- I have been offered, and have accepted a really exciting job. It's my first 'proper job' and I start within the next week. Elation doesn't cover this feeling, after 4 long and soul destroying months of job searching, I'm so pleased to finally be getting a foot on the career ladder. 

My job is going to see my based in East London, I'm going to be living with T, certainly for a couple of months, more permanently if it works for us. This is a huge deal for both of us as this time last year there were over 300 miles between us and we saw each other once a month/6 weeks. 

I've spent most of the weekend celebrating in various guises- we went to see Skyfall on Thursday- the day I was offered my job. Turns out going to the cinema was the perfect thing to do. If we hadn't had tickets booked T & I might have gone a bit crazy going out, but instead we enjoyed the film, and dinner afterwards and didn't wake up to a lost Friday. On Friday I went to a house party with T, hosted by his friends. Unfortunately a total disaster for me. I had been looking forward to meeting some new people but I ended up feeling like a fish out of water and my impressions were not favourable. Thankfully, all is redeemed as tonight we're headed to a big firework display. I'm a huge fan of bonfire night- as a properly British (well... English) 'holiday' I love that it's unique to us and I adore fireworks. I even enjoy wrapping up warm and being outdoors as it chills down. There's something very reassuring about it all. 

Thanks again everybody for all your supportive words and congratulations. It's about to become very hectic for me, but I'm sure I'll be around and about if not necessarily very present on the blog. 

Happy Fireworks Weekend- stay safe and enjoy. 
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