Monday, December 31, 2012

The Journey

I don't set New Year Resolutions, so I have no report for you on whether I have triumphed or failed on those, but 2012 has been such a year of change, that as much as I'll be reflecting upon that with my glass of fizz tonight, it seems only right and proper to be sharing some of the big bits from 2012.

The start if the year was a slow one. Although January marked a turning point in my attitudes to my higher education- mostly that it didn't have to be lonely or difficult. You can read more about my experience HERE.

Oh- I also had a bit of a rant... HERE

In the spring I made a move away from being blonde. Not for the first time, but it felt good to have a more definite colour for my hair, which long as it is, tends to be something people notice.



As Spring moved on, my focus turned to completing my GDL. My legal qualification has been tremendously important in 2012, it gave me the focus I needed and the feeling that I had found an area, aside the ability to speak more than one language, that could lead me to a 'proper' job. And as I turned 23, the Queen celebrated 60 years on the throne, and T sat his undergrad exams, I focused and my 7 CPE's, and making it all count. 

But the Jubilee weekend, and my birthday, both of which were spent in London were tinged with sadness as much as with celebrations. 

As many of you will know, my partner, although a student, is involved with the Army, and is ex-RAF. We have also been doing a long distance relationship ever since we were first together almost two and a half years ago. I wholeheartedly encourage and support T, in all of his pursuits- in particular his endeavours to become a full time member of the Armed Forces, and earning his degree. But all of these great escapades come with a sting in the tale. As I departed for the North, to return to my exams, T headed for BZZ, to fly out to Canada, to be gone for 3 months. The experience of being not just separated, but not knowing if I could even contact T for a longer period hit home and hit hard. I received a truly amazing response when I wrote THIS POST and THIS ONE 

I was fortunate enough to have a fairly substantial distraction that came in the form of travel though. In July I travelled to Lagos, Nigeria to lecture at UniLag and generally take in Nigeria's biggest and brightest Law School. I had a truly fabulous week, and wrote about my visit HERE.

And as July headed steadily for August, madness ensued as my parents and I moved out of the house we'd lived in since 1997, but didn't have a new one to move into, and still had a business to run. Change is as goof as the rest though, and the relationship I have with my parents in working and living with them took a further deepening as we went from a 4 bedroom town house to a 2 bedroom ground floor flat. 

Having completed my GDL and doing the rounds of job applications and interviews, the news that one of my relatives and his partner were engaged added some much needed excitement to August, which was somewhat enhanced by T's surprise early return in time to attend the party. 

After a busy summer, not a little happiness at having 2 back a few weeks early, and a healthy 2012 thus far, I had a health scare in the late summer. I was once more taken aback by the support and friendship I received after sharing my experiences HERE and HERE

The autumn brought with it it's own challenges, as I struggled to find the right job. I am extremely lucky to have highly supportive parents, meaning I had the ability to wait for the right job, rather than just a job. Frustration peaked as the temperature dipped. It wasn't all doom and gloom though- Chloe Like To Talk took on a more thrifty focus with fashion, THIS POST on purchasing and THIS ONE on attitudes were particularly well received. 

And finally, winter. And what a winter it has been. 

In November I put this face on:

Better known as my pleasegivemeajobI'msuperprofessionalcompetentandorganised face. 

And it worked. In November I was offered and accepted what started as an interesting job ad and turned out to be a dream job. It also meant a move to London, and in with T. A far cry from the 600 mile round trips to visit one another of the start of the year.

And in the midst of settling into it all, T and I also had a few days of respite. In Amsterdam. As many will know, I'm a big lover of dance music, and this year has also been a year of great events- Norman Doray, Michael Woods, Thomas Gold (a particular highlight for me), Calvin Harris, AN21, Vangelli and in Amsterdam THE highlight of the year entertainment wise- Swedish House Mafia. 

Amsterdam skies. 

And then it was the mad rush for Christmas, and back to London and back to work, and now we're seeing in 2013. 

As I say, it's been really a rather busy year. Despite lulls in the early part of the year and in the autumn, I'm comfortable that in 2012 I've achieved everything I wanted to achieve, and I'm excited to see in a further 12 months. My blog has been a fabulous way of documenting life as it progresses, and I look forward to seeing how CLTT can develop in the coming months. 

And with that I'll leave you with my wish that you all have a lovely New Year, and all the very very best for 2013. 


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Maria Fallon said...

A year of ups and downs but one you should definitely be proud of! Hopefully we can finally meet in 2013 :)

Maria xxx