Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winning with Marc B

Recently I was lucky enough to win a caption competition with Marc B. The e-mail from the lovely Sophie couldn't have come at a better time, as my currently go to handbag is desperately in need of a trip to be mended, and the prize was a a handbag or accessory of my choice from the website.

Typically, it arrived the day I left to go back North, after I'd gone, and the new 'get up in the dark, come home in the dark' routine has taken some adjusting to. That said, It was worth the wait to take photos on a day like this...

East London, The City & London City Airport.

So here it is... meet Quinn.

(Another 'healthy' day fuelled by coffee and diet Pepsi....)

It's a lovely bag, and I'm glad I took some time when picking, to check dimensions, as I got it spot on with size. As my new job involves some on-site research, it's important to me, to have a big enough bag for files, paper, notebooks etc, as well as the usual detritus that ends up in my handbag. In a bid to save money and also to maintain a healthy diet, I also take my lunch to work with me, so it's helpful not to need a second bag to fit everything in. 

I'll be honest and say that I've had a Marc B bag before, and I was unimpressed. It was purchased several years ago in a Topshop sale, and the hand promptly fell apart, but this beauty has dispelled any worries of quality. It's much sturdier than the last, the hardwear (is actually gold, it's just the sun making it appear rose gold in tone) is beautiful, and has that heaviness that I'd expect from something much pricier. The lining is not only leopard print, and therefore by definition easy on the eye, but heavy weight, which I love. Nothing worse than a beautiful handbag with a lining that tears or frays in an instant. 

All in all, a lovely prize, and thanks must go to Marc B, as it's super generous. 



whereisharriet said...

It's gorgeous - congrats on winning!

Maria Fallon said...

This is gorgeous, it looks the perfect size for work too!

Maria xxx

Mrs B said...

That bag is truly lovely! Congratulations :)

Chloe said...

Thanks, I'm a bit in love with it!

Chloe said...

It has proven to be AMAZING for work- perfect for all my usual junk, plus lunch, snacks and paper.

Chloe said...

Thank you- has proven to by invaluable!