Thursday, May 31, 2012

50 Shades

I have actually just started reading the book for which this post is named, but it's not the only reason I used the title. I wear a lot of grey. It has a but of a bad rep for being boring, but I love it as a base colour because it goes with so much. I can wear it with black, with navy, with green, with nude or pale pink, the list goes on. I really liked the Topshop grey t-shirt dress that everyone has been so hyped about, but whilst I don't think £25 is outrageous for it, given that my experience with Topshop jersey tells me that it might actually last more than 4 wears, I wasn't bothered enough to spend £25.

Imagine my delight when I spotted the Primark version... not the stripey version (which looks so lovely on everyone else, but vile on me), the GREY one. At £8 it would have been a good buy, even if it only last for a few months of summer. But on sale for £3? I wish they'd had more than one in my size, because I would happily have had a back up sitting in my wardrobe! The only slight snag is that it's a touch shorter than I'd like, but I can live with that, particularly where it's been so warm.

Meet my current favourite dress, and bargain of last week.

Dress, Primark £3
Watch, Emporio Armani
Glasses, Prada
Necklace, Spanish Craft Market

If you follow me on Instagram (chloelikestotalk) you might also remember this ring that my parents bought me when in Spain, as a thank you gift for business sitting.

Well they also bough me this necklace from the same stall at a craft market nearby to their apartment.

I love that it's a bit bold, and a bit different. I like an owl, a fox, a cat or a teacup as much as the next blogger, but it's nice to have something else for a change.

All finished off with some awesome shoes, still loving that these Clarks shoes are super sturdy and comfortable but actually quite ladylike.

Shoes, Clarks £39.99

I wore this for my very last lecture, as my exams start next week. It sounds a bit odd perhaps, but I wish my exams would just get started so I can get them over with. I have 7 CPE's to sit, and you only get one shot to get these well and truly right. This being my 5th consecutive year in higher ed, I'd also quite like to get finished and rounded up too, particularly given that my 23rd birthday has crept right up on me, and I'm still yet to have a 'proper job' much to the dismay of many of the older generation of my family!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chloe Likes To Eat


Ahem... A couple of my parents friends came over for dinner and Dad decided Mexican was the order of the evening. Chips and Dips, Quesidillas, Burritos, and that lethal looking glass of atomic goodness is a kind of Margaritas. It was..... potent.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hot House

If like me, you have problematic skin, the warm and sunny weather we're having here or that you might be heading to on holiday can be a bit tricky.

I do love the sun, and having suffered oily skin and nasty spots and blackheads on my face, my back and my chest, the sun has been a major help. The sun has dried my oily skin and often seems to prevent breakouts. However, sun cream was not an option. Not only did it prevent any of the good work done by the sun, it made my skin itchy. Subsequently, I spent many years not wearing any sun protection. I'm lucky that the short term issue of burning hasn't been problematic like many, I'm well aware of the long term risks associated with not protecting my skin from UV rays.

So here we go, a quick round up of some heroic products that I've recently found, ones that work with my problem skin AND provide me with some much needed SPF in my life.

First things first, a product that I've mentioned before.

This has been a truly fantastic daily moisturiser and I'll be mentioning more about that capacity next week, but more importantly for this post, it's SPF 15! I use this moisturiser every morning, and I now know that when I step out of the house,even though I made need a but more protection for stronger sunlight, I at least have a starting point. I also use this on my chest and shoulders as the moisturiser is completely oil free and a little goes a long way.

Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream Normal/Oily, £12.50

So a bit of base protection sorted, probably the cleverest find of them all has been a bit of further protection. Imagine if you could use sun cream, that wasn't a cream? That you didn't need to try and find one that isn't oily or that doesn't irritate? Well I found it!

POWDERED SUNSCREEN! Sorry, even a year on, I still get a bit over excited at the thought of sunscreen that ticks all my boxes. The Bare Minerals SPF 30 comes in a couple of shades, and in the future I'd love to see a translucent one, because using it as make-up isn't my bag, but it buffs on using the brush that twists out of the tube and seems to last well through the day. It's also easy, mess free applications as it's contained in this twist up tube/brush format.

It doesn't come cheap at over £20, but that said, it goes a damn long way. I've used less than half of this tube in over a year, despite a 10 day holiday in the Canaries and use in the UK, and fairly heavy re-application in both locations. It's worth looking for in sales, as I've seen (and wish I'd bought) it for £12-15.

Bare Minerals SPF 30, £21.50 FeelUnique (the cheapest I've found for the moment)

Lips are easy to forget in the sun, but take it from me, you do not want them to burn. It hurts. The good news is that looking after your lips in the sun is cheap and easy. I use lipsalve pretty frequently, I have one in every handbag. It costs me £1 (or 2 for £1.50). SPF 15. Sorted.

Boots Lipsalve, £1.01

So now you've sorted your skin, I have one more hero. The Good Stuff.

WATER. We all know we're supposed to be drinking at least 2L of it a day, at the moment I'm getting through 3-4L a day due to medication which dehydrates me. When it's warm, we should all be drinking more. If you have a headache or feel a bit dizzy, you're already dehydrated, if you feel thirsty, you probably should have had a drink an hour ago. If you like a cheeky drink in the sun, match it with a glass of water- alcohol dehydrates you.

So there we go. If you have problem skin and have missed out on the sun, go forth and enjoy!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The I Life

I don't really do 'haul' posts, but I have purchased a few bits in the last couple of weeks that I did want to share with you, mostly because I've really liked them or really disliked them.

Primarily, I finally caved and got an iPhone. I was due an upgrade and my old phone was knackered and I hated the borrowed HTC, I got a pretty good deal on it, because there was no way I  was going to pay any serious money for a phone upgrade! Aaaaaanyway. Hit me with Apps that I need and anywhere that sells glittery cases- I want one that is gradient glitter from black to silver or gunmetal grey! Until I find one, I might have to do a DIY of some sort on this case!

Moving on,  a couple of other bits that are less extravagant.

E.L.F. Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint in Berry

At £3.50 it was a no brainer to add to my E.L.F. order as I can't really wear lipstick at the moment and was missing lip colour. It looks surprisingly neutral until I tried it out and realised it's quite a vibrant pink. Not that that's a bad thing.

Nail Foils, Primark

I spotted these on my wander through Primark this week, and for a quid, I figured that if the were rubbish, no big deal. I had planned to keep them for the night out the T and I have planned over my Birthday, but decided actually, it might be better to try them out first and re-purchase if they were good, so that I wasn't caught short. I'm pretty glad I did try them first. Behold, 12 hours (8 of those spent sleeping, a further 2 in bed...) later...

Suffice to say, I will not be repurchasing. They were a pain to put on my nail, they don't last and the bits that didn't flake off were a pain to get off. Massive thumbs down!

This is another £1 product, and not something I would usually put on the blog, as honestly, it's not a product I would usually need. But when I was caught short, as it were, and discovered these, I felt it rude not to share. 

Guesses as to what's in the tin? 

That's right. Tampons. The pound shop happened to be closest when I was in need, and for £1, I was able to buy a box containing 2 of these sweet little tins, each with 8 tampons within. What appeals, is that the tins don't scream sanitary product, they're really quite small and they mean I won't have to rummage in my handbag or makeup bag for the one spare tampon that might (or might not, as the case may be) be rolling around somewhere near the bottom. 

I don't (and haven't had for a long time) have regular periods, so these stylish little tins are ideal for me to keep in my bathroom or makeup bag. But even for more regular use, I can see how they would be easily refillable. Worth a look ladies. 

So just a few little things I thought I'd share mostly bargain bits and pieces. Until I walked past one so frequently, I never really went into Pound shops much, mostly because they weren't near enough to be convenient. Now I won't be walking by one 3 times a week, I foresee more planned trips. Whilst a lot of the shop is useless plastic rubbish, there are some great bargains to be had. Dental care like toothpaste, padded envelopes, and wax strips are just 3 things that I now pay substantially less for. The food aisles, are also great for stocking up on things like cereal bars, packet soups or biscuits/confectionery if, like me, you tend to graze through the day or have packed lunches to make.

I would love to hear of any bargain heroes you've come across of  late, and if there's anything I should be looking out for as a £1 bargain.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chloe Likes To Eat *

So when the Baking Mad people contacted me about recreating one of their recipes, I thought I'd probably like to get my patriotism on and try one of these Jubilee Recipes,  or maybe a Victoria Sponge being as it's so very quintessentially English. But then I saw these...

These beauties are Anzac Biscuits. A scrummy, slightly chewy coconut and oat round biscuit of goodness.  See thing is, I quite like cake. But I'm a biscuit girl at heart. I love me a decent cookie, chewy centred with chunks of chocolate, or a crisp and crunchy ginger nut or crumbly every so slightly salty digestive... You get the picture.

I've never made these before, but it took me all of about 10 minutes to put the mix together and they take about 10 minutes to cook. 20 minutes to get my biccie fix is pretty good, although waiting for them to cool could be a problem, if like me, you need your fix swiftly after baking....


Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Space

This weekend we had a house viewing, and it struck me that I'm running out of time in the space I've called home for the last 15 years. So I did what any blogger would do. I filmed a room tour!

I hope you enjoyed, I'm not blessed with camera skills, and I filmed this on my phone, hence the narrow screen. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birds Of A Feather

I can't believe that this is the first time I've finally managed to get some pictures of my wearing this, because I've worn it a lot since grabbing it in the sales in January.

Tunic, ASOS
Leggings, Primark
Vest top (under tunic), H&M

Leggings and my favourite riding style boots for the wet, leggings and flats for a more casual uni look, and it works really well with my leather trousers for something a touch smarter. Despite the oversize collar which I was concerned was just a bit much, it's been a solid addition to my wardrobe.

I can't remember exactly how much it was supposed to be and how much it cost, but I know the numbers are (respectively) between £20 and £25 and £9-£12. I really wasn't sure about it, but I was persuaded by my mother to keep it, and boy an I glad I did.

It's been a perfect easy throw on, particularly with boots for wetter weather and just at the moment, with my new favourite shoes.

Although it has a batwing style sleeve, I can still wear it with a cardigan so long as I wear a plenty long enough vest top underneath, and today I wore it with my leather jacket over the top, see. Simple. Easy. Still presentable.

And now, back to the books. I'm in uni solely for revision sessions and final seminars now, and my exams start just after the Jubilee Bank Holiday. Oh the joy. I'm really rather looking forward to 1210 on Friday June 22nd. There had better be a LARGE vodka tonic awaiting me.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Special Message

No Chloe Likes To Eat this week folks, just a special message for a special someone, if you've ever wondered what I actually sound like, here's your chance. And guys, no mocking, I don't do public displays of emotion often, permit me one little occasion?


Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Voyage of Rediscovery

You might have seen from my post about my AWESOME Clark's purchases that I'm on a mission to be kinder to my feet by wearing sturdier shoes. But sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, right?

Meet the cruellest kind shoes you'll ever come across.

They look so innocent don't they? With their pretty net trim and the cute pink polka dots. And they are sturdy, and waterproof and rubber soled. But they have a hidden evil. You see they rub. Like hell. And make my heels bleed.

But what makes this most heart breaking of all is that these are actually the 2nd pair of these exact shoes that I've had. And the first ones? They were my go to shoes for a 14 hour bar shift. They saw me through school, Sixth Form and uni, they were my shoe soulmate. And most of all, they really really didn't rub. Sadly, that pair also wore through the sole from too many 14 hour bar shifts with cut glass floors, and having bought the first pair in Germany I set to eBay, never really expecting to find a replacement, but snapped these up when I got 'lucky'.

They have been languishing at the bottom of my shoe storage for 3 years now. They've been to France, Germany, Spain, Wales and never before to have been defeated by shoes, I've decided the shoes and I REALLY need to sort our differences out. And I love them.

At present I'm working on trying to wear them on office days- my office is a mere 5 minute walk away and as it's just my parents and I, nobody really minds if I go barefoot if needs be. And I'm hoping that my heels will build a resistance and we can be bestest buds. Well here's hoping anyway... Any tips for breaking these babies would be greatly appreciated. But for now, here's to the journey.

Pst, here's a link for Draven... They are a US company, I'm not sure if they ship to the UK, but I'm desperate to find out because I WANT THESE SHOES

P.P.S. I'm selling yet more of my possessions on eBay... all proceeds to Chloe Wants A New Dress For Her Birthday fund and there's some great little bargains to be had including DVD's, clothing, brand new shoes and a webcam... You might also have noticed the eBay Tab below my header, which takes you straight to my listings...

Our house is currently on the market, so we're all on a mission to downsize, so stay tuned for many a bargain to come!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Handbag Heroes

Rifling through my bag furiously, looking for that one thing that I know will save my bacon... yup, regularly happens. And since it does, there are a few things that I try and make sure live in my handbag to help me out... Handbag Heroes... and I thought I'd share mine.

Clockwise from Top Left:

Notebook (Sent to me with some other lovely goodies by Rosie)
E.L.F. Custom Elements (eyes)
MUA Love Hearts Collection Lip Balm, Kiss Me (Thanks to the lovely Laura)
Apple Headphones
HTC Wildfire S Battery
Boots Lipsalve, Strawberry
Primark Mini Hair Brush

I know it may seem an odd combo, but allow me to explain a few things.

Firstly. NEVER get an HTC. I acquired mine because my BB was on its last legs and my upgrade wasn't due for a while. The battery is shocking, they come with a catalogue of errors (sending multiple text messages of their own accord... deleting the contents of the SD card... resetting notification settings of their own accord... it goes on...). But because I happen to have a spare battery for this one, I've taken to keeping it about me. Useful for days where I can't charge my phone out and around.

Secondly, if you are forgetful, do something about it. One thing that really really gets me is people who moan about a character trait but don't want to help themselves. I am forgetful. I walk out of a room and a second later have to check if I turned off the light, I'm hopeless with names, and I've been trying to recall the site I bought some shoes from for the last 3 years.... However I do my best to combat this. I write things down. I make lists. I have a Google Calendar that has 7 different task lists, my uni timetable, all my deadlines and reminders to do things like pay my phone bill. I am rarely without a notebook. A pen however... more tricky. I swear they hide.

Thirdly. If in doubt, drown it out. I don't like children, I don't like listening to 30 something year old women bitch and whine about their colleagues, I don't like babies, I don't like snoring, I don't like people really.... No, I'm not exaggerating. I spend about 7.5 hours a week using public transport, and frankly the only thing that keeps me sane is music. I mostly have my iPod with me, but my phone is loaded with a playlist or two for emergencies, therefore I almost always have a set of headphones floating around in my bag somewhere.

And lastly. It would be fair to say that I am often a bit of a mess. My hair is often 'windswept'- read tangled from gale force winds. My eyes are often reflective of my caffeine intake... or lack thereof... And I will never have the kind of lips that guys fantasise about kissing. These little helpers allow me to at least look like a human being. I commend all women who feel that they are acceptable and presentable with minimal make-up, who don't feel judged when they don't look or feel 110% best. I am not one of those women. I like to know that my cosmetics, however basic they may be, are there to back me up.

Share with me ladies... what am I missing from my handbag heroes? Anything you can't live without?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chloe Likes To Eat

This one comes c/o my parents who were in Spain a couple of weeks ago. When I was living in Spain I developed a minor addiction to these and have been unable to find anything the same in the UK so it's usually first on my request list for my parents Mercadona trips.

Almonds coated in a very fine dusting of salt. It's kind of like the salt equivalent of icing sugar. Super tasty, super bad, very crunchy and my absolute favourite guilty savoury snack.

P.S. There's still a day or so left on my eBay sales. I'm clearing out a few things that are a bit too big/I bough and didn't wear as much as expected including:

Kate Moss for Topshop dress (UK 14)

Zara Collection  leopard print dress (Medium)

Nike Hoodie Dress (Large)

Viva La Diva lace up heels (UK 4)

As well as a couple of DVD box sets and bits. Almost everything is selling for £5 or less and all proceeds to the Chloe Wants A New Dress To Go Out In For Her Birthday Fund....

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hard As Nails

It would be a rare day indeed for my nails not to be painted. This is mostly because my nails are so bendy and flakey that they'd just break if the didn't have something covering them. Thing is, I'm pretty lazy, I don't like having to repaint them too many times in a week so a decent top coat is essential.

For the last couple of months I've been using this

Models Own 3 in 1 Base & Top Coat (I never worked out what number 3 was...)

In short I don't like it. It takes forever to dry, and when it does it still bruises easily. It doesn't seem to protect my nails from chipping and it blurs my nail art pen. At a fiver, it wasn't a vastly expensive mistake, just an irritating one.

So last week, I set to finding a new topcoat. And this is what I found.

Sally Hansen Doubly Duty, Strengthening Base & Top Coat.

I'm a sucker for a 2 in one product, chuck in a cheap deal and I'm sold. I bought this from a local branch of Bodycare and it was just shy of £4 (I can't remember the exact price, sorry folks).

And the verdict? £4 well spent. Whether it is strengthening my nails or not, it's probably too soon to tell, but as a top coat, this may be love. It goes on smoothly, it dries quickly, it doesn't bruise- even when someone bashes your hands with rings on 20 minutes after you just finished painting them... and no chipping after 4 days of wear- probably a new record for me!

My local branch of Bodycare had a range of Sally Hansen products- which I know retail in  Boots for around £6-8 for £3-6, so if you use this brand regularly it would be worth a look.


P.S. There's still a day or so left on my eBay sales. I'm clearing out a few things that are a bit too big/I bough and didn't wear as much as expected including:

Kate Moss for Topshop dress (UK 14)

Zara Collection  leopard print dress (Medium)

Nike Hoodie Dress (Large)

Viva La Diva lace up heels (UK 4)

As well as a couple of DVD box sets and bits. Almost everything is selling for £5 or less and all proceeds to the Chloe Wants A New Dress To Go Out In For Her Birthday Fund....

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Spice of Life

Earlier this week, the awesome Nicole (Rosie match made us, and we're now Legal Buddies) and I were talking about my schedule and when she said that variety is the spice of life, it made me think, maybe I should try something new this week, to get me out of the pre-exam/pre-research project hand in rutt.

First.... A different type of outfit...

Shirt, H&M (Germany 2009)
Grey Vest (worn under), H&M (Spain 2010)
Leggings, H&M
Shoes, DIY (see HERE)
Glasses, Prada
H&M rediscovery/addiction, Models own.

I have seen other students wearing shirts/leggings as a combo, personally, it's something I would never usually put together. But.... spice of life they say, and you know what, it was the perfect combo for a bright and slightly breezey day at uni, and my youthful face means I could probably be mistaken for an undergrad... so nobody was judging.

What else have I done to spice things up around here this week? I popped my eyelash cherry. That's right, at (almost) 23 years of age, I've never used false eyelashes before, but for several reasons, now is the right time to change that. I picked up these from Bodycare for £2.99 which I gather is a good price for Eyelure and I've been reliably informed that Eyelure are good quality, so I should be able to reuse these?

I also joined the #fbloggers chat on Twitter this week. I've never joined the chat before because I'm not really a fashion blogger and felt a bit of a fraud when I've considered it in the past, but this week I happened to be free whilst it was running and I decided to give it a go anyway. I'm so glad I joined it, some great comments and some awesome new blogs/people to follow, as well as gaining a few new faces myself **WAVES IDIOTICALLY AT YOU ALL** Hi!

One last thing I did to mix it all up this week? I tried my hand to making Chloe Likes To Talk look a bit sleeker and a bit less scruffy. I know naff all about blog design, but the awesome tutorials from Girl Does Geek have been enough to help me make the small changes to CLTT that make it a bit more pleasing on the eye. What do you reckon folks? Liking the new look?

And now, back to my research project. Final editing of which needs to be done by Monday so it can be printed, bound and handed in on Tuesday! Then it's down to hardcore revision. JOY!

P.S. I'm also selling a few bits and pieces on eBay inc a Zara leopard print dress (worn only a handful of times) a Kate Moss for Topshop dress (worn once) as well as some DVD's, shoes and Spanish bits. Take a peek?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's That Coming Over The Hill

No, it's not a monster, it's a a headache, an arm still bleeding 4 hours after I had blood taken and chef behind to be kicked. And yet still, I thought I'd better take some outfit pictures, as I actually made something of an effort with putting on presentable clothing today....

Skirt, Zara
Tights, Primark
Cardigan, H&M
Abena Boots, Topshop. 
Offbeat expression, models own when almost falling off the step.

Rings, local jeweller & Spain
Mangled hands, also models own.

In other news... thanks for all your lovely comments on the new hair colour, I'm truly embracing the change and already wondering about what colour next!

Exam period is nearly upon me with my GDL now, I have 7 x 2 hour exams to get it right and I think we're all starting to feel the heat. Thankfully, I have this revision thing DOWN. It's all in the planning my friends, and if anyone is interested I may post some revision/exam planning tips?


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chloe Likes....

Like a complete brat, I'm really lusting over lots of things at the moment. With impending exams, I really don't need distracting with goodies, but something from this list might well end up being a post exam present to myself if I feel that I've done ok.

From Top

The perfect summery nails that I don't have to do myself.

With my impending Nigeria trip, how perfect are satchels for handluggage. And for work. And for everything.... Love the Graphite shade... almost black, but not quite so that it goes with other base tones too.

Please? Pretty Please? Somebody? It's taken me a while to come round to iPads, but now I can see how useful one would be as I come to the end of full time education and possibilities of living in more confined space/abroad/without the need to hammer out as much academic work. And I want one.

Cuddly and soft to pull on for cooler evenings (or days if it's the UK...) a gorgeous spring colour and a favourite of mine. 

From Top
Grey's Anatomy Series 1-7 Box Set
I've been hooked ever since I discovered Grey's. I love me some USA medical drama.

Models Own Ice Cream Sundea
I'm only a tiny bit of a cliche right?! But they are pretty colours....

Hustle Series 1-8 Box Set
I've always loved Hustle and now it's finished I want to be able to rewatch from the start.

Denman Strawberry Shortcake Hair Brush
A SCENTED hairbrush! How epic is that. I really wanted an apple version, but I'd settle for Strawberry.