Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chloe Likes Sensible Shopping

My posts about better buying seem to be going down very well, and lots of you seem to have jumped into this for reasons of your own. One thing I really wanted to reiterate in this post though, is that my quest to buy better, and to buy quality rather than quantity actually has little to do with saving money, and a lot more to with me, and the daily battle I do with the mirror.

Like a lot of women, I count the days that I leave the house feeling confident that I look good, are the unusual ones. I don't consider myself to have really terrible body image, it's just usually I leave the house for work, knowing I'm presentable, I'm wearing clothes, I'm really not looking anything special. From time to time, I leave the house, feeling as though I look like a sack of potatoes, or that I've aged 5 years in 5 hours, or that I just look a mess. Sometimes I look back on pictures I've tried to take and am horrified by an angle, or just the general look of something. But what has helped massively, has helped make the bad days far fewer and the good days a little more frequent, is buying only those clothes I think really, truly work for me, work for my wardrobe, and spending a little more on better quality items to get an improved fit.

Sometimes, I get lucky and find a bargainous item that fits well, and is of good quality. THIS skirt is a great example. Sometimes I spend more than I might have done previously, but still get great cost per wear, like THESE trousers. And sometimes, I score a bargain, but still am spending a touch more, and don't regret it for a second. Like this dress.

Dress, French Connection via eBay outlet. £77 £38.50
Bandeau top (underneath), from ASOS a couple of years back
Bad lighting, East London Mornings

Recently, one of my trusty work dresses developed a tear which I can't repair very well. As I'm quite short on work wear, I knew I'd need to find a new dress to replace it, and decided that it was time to look for something that would make me feel good, as well as look good. And the reason I ended up on the eBay outlet... well actually it's because I use Boots Treatstreet, and I was browsing for inspiration on fashion retailers, and saw the eBay outlet. It stocks lots of brands I recognise, and usually consider out of my price range, even though many would say they're high street, and French Connection is a good example. I would never have purchased this dress full price, and even at almost £40, I consider it a pricey purchase  But the proof has been in pulling it on. The fabric is weighty, smooth, soft and hangs well. The seams are well finished, and the fit is lovely. The sleeves are a perfect length- not long enough to want to roll them, not short enough to show off the arm flab. The V is very low, but I quite like that I'll be able to change it up with the top underneath.

So there you have my latest buy it better. I'm not offering any tips or tricks or advice, just explaining that buying better can be a great way to save money, to be more eco friendly, to downsize your wardrobe if those are things you want to do, but it can also be a great way to feel a bit better about yourself when you step out of the door in the morning. So go swing your hips just a little, smile at the pretty boy who is definitely too young to consider in Costa, because it makes him blush (don't judge, my office is on a uni campus...) and remember that even though we don't feel amazing every day, there's a value and a price to be put on having fewer days of walking out of the door wishing you could disappear.


The Girl said...

Ooh that dress is well sexified!

daisychain said...

LOL at your Costa comment, I did just that earlier ;)

Love that dress xx

Kirsty said...

Love this post. I do want to "buy better" to save money, but I totally agree with your buying better to feel more confident. There are a few dresses I repeatedly wear to death because I feel confident in them, but a thousand times more dresses I've bought impulsively but hang, unworn and unloved in my wardrobe! Hmmm. Love the Costa comment too ;-) funny how a nice dress makes you feel, eh?! xx

Maria Fallon said...

LOVE this dress on you, you look SMOKIN' hot!

Maria xxx