Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat

Another healthy recipe for you lot, seeing as I've been trying to combat the sheer volume of sweeties and things T & I were give- and therefore HAD to eat over Christmas and NY. Plus, as a general rule, I don't believe in diets, but make an effort to keep my food sensible most of the time.

Spinach, bacon and cheese fritata. 

This was a bit of a hark back to the good old days when my dad used to cook for me all the time, but now I'm a big girl and have to do it myself, I didn't do too badly. 

This is a super easy make too, particularly if you have some eggs hanging about that you want to use up, so here goes... 

Eggs- I used 4 medium ones in a large heavy base frying pan. 
Potatoes- 1 large or 2 small 
a splash of milk
a couple of small onions- red, white, whatever
Garlic to taste
Bacon- or any leftover meat if you're on a use up mission- ham or chorizo work especially well, as do lardons if you're doing things on the cheap. 
Spinach- or peppers, or courgettes, or any other veg you fancy playing with. 
Olive oil

Optional- cheese of any kind, olives, sundried tomatoes, pesto anything else you fancy using up....

1. Peel and cube potatoes, peel and slice your onions, peel and crush your garlic, if you're using bacon, chop this roughly, not too small or it might be a bit over done. 

2. Heat a large (preferably heavy base) frying pan with a generous splash of oil, add your potatoes and keep them moving for around 4-5 mins

3. Add the onions, garlic, and if you're using bacon, lardons or chorizo, shove this in too, keep the whole lot on the move for another 2-3 mins

4. By now your potatoes should be starting to look golden and lightly cooked on the outside, turn the heat down to medium, throw in any dense veg such as peppers or courgettes.

5. Whilst this is carrying on nicely, crack your eggs into a jug or bowl, whisk lightly with a fork, and add a splash of milk to keep the mix fluid, and seasoning to taste. Bear in mind that if you add too much milk now, the whole thing will just end up like dodgy looking scrambled eggs with random veg.... 

6. Pour your eggs over the vegetables in the pan and give the pan a damn good shake about to ensure everything is evenly distributed

7. Sprinkle as much spinach as you like over the top of your cooking fritata, now is a good time to add any of your optional extras- I love a bit of feta on this particular combo, as well as a tiny tiny drizzle of pesto. DO NOT STIR- yes I know it's tempting

8. The whole thing should only take another 3 mins or so to cook through, but use your judgement, the whole thing should be cooked through- a bit more solid but not much more than an omelette .. And after using a small knife or a fish slice, to ease the edges from the pan, the whole thing should move as one. 

9. OPTIONAL- if it's in a metal handled pan, you can crisp the top up under the grill, which is rather nice, but not necessary. 

10. Slice, bang on plates, scoff. 

A tip if you're trying to keep this in weight loss eating plan- keep the potato to a minimum, use low fat cheese- or avoid it, make sure you keep it veg heavy to resist the urge to put more carbs in that you need, and always serve with extra salad or veggies. 

And a tip if you're cash strapped- use cheap veg that's seasonal/on offer/both, and don't buy extras you don't already have to go in it! 

Hit me if you give this a go, and if you liked it- or you didn't, or you have any suggestions for this recipe. 



Maria Fallon said...

This sounds amazing, I imagine chorizo would be AMAZING in this!

Maria xxx

Lou said...

This picture is making me so hungry! It looks amazing! I will have to make this. Thanks for sharing.


Chloe said...

I do love it for a use up, but if you like a big punch of flavour, chorizo is awesome- I'll even make it for you in March, if you like!

Chloe said...

Thank you, glad you like. If you have a shot at it, you'll have to let me know how it goes.