Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recently I'm Wearing

OPI Spiderman minis- a gift from my mum at Christmas, and I've been trying them all out. 

ASOS dress, Clothing at Tesco cardigan & Clarks shoes. ID tag, models own.

a recent work outfit, and a bit of a favourite. I'm a bit in love with 2 of these OPI minis too, although it annoys me that EVERY collection they bring out includes exactly the same red, just with a different name. 

H&M (DE) skirt ca 2009, Topshop top, necklace purchased from local boutique in Cumbria

Christmas day face. 

Many of you will know I was quite ill in the run up to, and for Christmas. I had a vile chest infection, and so spent most of the period drugged up to my eyeballs and trying to put my best 'I'm fine' face on. For my last extra day off work, Thursday 27th, there were no other visitors to my parents house, and it was blissful to chill with them and have a day to try and recover a bit, before heading back to London and back to work.

H&M dress, Primark belt, unknown waterfall jersey cardigan

Bare Minerals face, Mayfair Instagram filter ageing

Another work outfit, one that's been a favourite just lately, as it's super easy, and it seems to work with the super chilly mornings as well as the tropical afternoons in the office. The new Instagram filter appears to be massively ageing on me, needless to say I'll be steering well clear.



Unknown said...

ooh I love the tesco cardigan!

Maria Fallon said...

The Opi minis look fab and I LOVE that Tesco cardigan!

Maria xxx