Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Roman Road

Having cleared out my wardrobe a fair bit between three moves this year, it's fair to say that there are some things that it was lacking for. In a bid to buy better, I've exercised some restraint where replenishing the holes in my wardrobe, choosing carefully what I want to add to my wardrobe, and making a conscious effort to look for the best quality versions of the items that I can afford.

I blogged about these fabulous trousers, which I've worn incessantly through autumn, and which will be coming straight back out once the temperature elevates a touch, I'm very much looking forward to showing off my new black dress now I've found somewhere to take outfit pictures, and behold my two latest additions. 

Coniston Sway shoes, Clarks (sold out) £49.99 £34.99

I desperately, desperately wanted these shoes when I saw them on the Clarks website, back in October. But, I decided I didn't NEED them, I resisted. Then I started my job, and didn't have quite as much spare income for a couple of months, and clean forgot about them. Needless to say, when the email telling me about the Clarks sale came through, and I spotted these amongst the discounted offering, they were ordered with a smile, a click and double Boots points. 

They haven't been off my feet since they arrived. And as my first pair of heeled shoes from Clarks, I think I can say... there's no going back. Comfiest. Heels. Ever. 

Topshop tee, F21 belt, Roman Road skirt. 

The other gap I've been desperate to fill, was skirt shaped. I bought a skater style skirt in the Zara sale a couple of years back, it's pretty light weight and has served me well over the years. Unfortunately heavy wear in every season has left it a little faded, and even taking it near the washing machine seems to take another quarter inch off the length. 

As yet, I hadn't been able to find a replacement that ticks all the boxes. Until this. On a hunt for the nearest Poundland to our flat, I found myself in the biggest and best market I've seen in a very long time. Roman Road was a hive of activity, even on a bitter cold Saturday morning. I bought some of the nicest fresh fruit at a price better than the reduced section of our local Lidl can offer. And the fashion stalls. Oh the fashion stalls. 

I'm aware that markets don't often have a great reputation for their offerings when it comes to clothing, but maybe that's just me being judgemental? Some of the stalls were indeed selling dodgy seamed knockoffs. Most of them were selling awesome, on trend items that would easily cost 3 times as much from some of the highstreet names. 

This skirt look as though it may have been manufactured for Oasis, and this is something I've come across before- clothing that's manufactured for a brand, and then sold on via wholesale elsewhere, just without the branded label stitched on. Having had a good look at the seams, liking what I felt of the fabric, I grabbed the last of my size, and had the first friendly exchange with a retailer in... ever. Best bit? It cost £5. A fiver. Five English Pounds. For a skirt that ticks the length, weight, colour and fit boxes, and certainly seems to be a good quality find. Only time will tell if it's as good a bargain as I think it is, but I'm hopeful. 

Do you buy from markets? Do you live near a really good one? Are you on the Buy it Better Bandwagon? I have a couple more goodies to share on this particular subject, so stay tuned.



Lucy in the Clouds said...

I can't believe that skirt is from a market! Maybe it's me being judgemental or maybe it's the area I live in but markets near me are never very appealing. Maybe I need to think again! I'm definitely on the Buy it Better Bandwagon this year, I read a post recently where a blogger had kept a record of everything (clothing) she'd bought all last year and found it really interesting to see just how many items still had their tags on ... and how many had already gone to the charity shop! Also need to check out Clarks I think :)

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a skirt like this everywhere for the past few months! Not so great for me that you got it from a market, just because it will be impossible to track one down!!! Great find, definitely update the blog if you find anything similar that can be ordered online/bought in store...especially if you fancy buying a few of these and reselling on eBay!! X

Maria Fallon said...

We are (nearly) shoe twins! Clarks are definitely the comfiest shoes I have...

Maria xxx

Chloe said...

I've never worn heels like it, that don't hurt.

Chloe said...

The whole market issue is definitely not just you, and it's purely by good luck and chance that I discovered this particular market, and that I was walking past the stalls with some awesome clothes. I do think it's probably partly an area thing though- I live in the East End of London so there's a huge market for on trend clothes that aren't as pricey as some of the high street.
I'm quite proud of the fact that there's nothing in my wardrobe still with tags on, and that the only things I don't wear regularly are things like evening wear. My buying better move is more to do with feeling better about myself in what I'm wearing as well as spending properly.

Lauren said...

I've been looking for a pair of wedges just like that!