Sunday, February 17, 2013

Living For The Weekend

Since T has been buggering about with the Army all week, and I haven't seen them since Christmas, this weekend I've been North to visit my parents. Thankfully 'North' is only Cambs these days, but it was still rather nice to get out of London.

I was, as seems at present not to be so infrequent, spoiled by my parents, with food galore. If you follow my Instagram, you'll know what I've been up to, but here's the run down.

Kings Cross was it's usual joyous self, except I've never noticed the coloured light before, which was kinda cool.

My arrival seemed to roll back the clock for Monty, just like I was never gone. 

I also got to scoff this. And by this, I mean a rather nice rabbit pie. Oh yes, yes I did. 

Another day, another lap to cruise, after a long day relative visiting (and maybe making a little purchase with my mum), Monty still seemed to be glad to have me home. 

And then he got turfed off so I could eat this. ALL of it. And it will be worth every KM I have to do on the bike next week. 

And after a beautiful sunny weekend, this happened. You'd never know that Citi Bank and the rest of Canary Wharf are behind all that mist. 

I have often spoken of my parents on Chloe Likes To Talk, n ot only have the been fabulously supportive of everything I've done, we're also incredibly close, having lived and worked together for a fair period of time. It was super good to see my parents this weekend, because whilst I enjoy my life, and maintain that I'd not have it any other way, I miss them. I miss taking the piss out of my dad, mercilessly. I miss talking wardrobe with my mum, I miss being able to get snarky about Saturday night TV with a glass of wine, with all of us on the sofa, and Monty lap cruising. For me, home will always be wherever my parents are, where we can be a family and be comfortable together. 

Family is precious, however crazy they drive you, and this weekend was, aside a chance to eat a whole load more than I really should have, a chance to remember just how fortunate I am to have not only a family that loves me, and who I love, but a family who make me feel comfortable, as I am. 



daisychain said...

I totally agree, family IS precious. Looks like you had a lovely weekend x

Maria Fallon said...

Family IS important and I love that you are so close to yours :)

Maria xxx