Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat

It's no secret that I like Asian food, and since living in London, I've had the opportunity to eat more of it than ever before.

One of my favourite ways for T & I to get out for the evening and away from the chaos that is our schedules, is to have a small stash of Groupon vouchers on the go. This Thai restaurant is out at Notting Hill, and it was well worth trekking from the East End for a super yummy dinner.

Thai Rice Seafood Paenang Close Up

Thai Rice Seafood Paenang2

Thai Rice Coconut Rice

This was a superb mixed seafood Panaeng curry- a reasonable chilli content but not overpowering, and I opted for coconut rice which came in a coconut shell (always an easy sell on the old gimmicks...) 

It really was super tasty, as was the sharing platter which had 7 different items on it, in duplicate which I thought was pretty good value compared to some of the cop out sharing platters I've had. I think we would go back to this restaurant, Thai Rice, but only if we were already in the vicinity. It's a fair trip for us when coming from the East End, so I'm not sure the food merited that kind of status. 

In all, not a bad Monday treat, which was probably a touch unnecessary given the sheer volume of cake I have consumed in the last few days. More on that soon. 


daisychain said...

that coconut rice looks epic! x

Rachael said...

Love a good Thai curry!

Unknown said...

That looks delicious!! x