Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chloe Likes To Talk

I'm sure that according to my blog, lately all I seem to do is be spoiled by parents, and actually... um... that's not far wrong. I've seen my awesome parents 3 times in about 5 weeks, which is a treat in itself, but twice, it's been when I've visited their home.

As it was Mother's Day, followed by my Grandmother and her partner's birthday shortly after and also my parents wedding anniversary, my dad cooked up an Italian feast. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Focaccia, topped with olive oil and rock salt. 

Anti-Pasti plate- a variety of salami, parma ham & a sneaky bit of Iberico ham, chilli prawns, garlic marinated char-grilled peppers, rocket salad and a few tomatoes too. 

Pan fried cod with pea purée, lemon & parsley sauce, pea shoots & panelli.

Chocolate Panetonne with crème anglaise... some vanilla ice cream also appeared shortly after, which dad may or may not have forgotten.

Yeah... so next week I will mostly be eating as low cal/fat/salt as I possibly can. Not helped by the bacon sandwich I inhaled on Sunday morning I might add.

Call me spoiled all you like, in my current food coma, I don't honestly care.

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daisychain said...

that pannetone, YUM! x