Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Spring Hit List

The idea of buying fewer, better quality items tends to lend itself well to a capsule wardrobe, and not having an unlimited bank balance to draw on, I've found that planning purchases to come is the easiest way to ensure I have what need as well as what I want. Now the light is lasting that bit longer, and heaven forbid, I even went out without my coat last week, my thoughts are turning to spring and as such, what on earth to wear when the temperature (and precipitation levels) tend to be unpredictable.

JEANS. Autumn and spring are when I tend to wear jeans the most, they lend themselves very well to jumpers as much as tops and shirts. Low rise jeans almost always end up slipping down and being generally unflattering, but a skinny fit does work, so long as they're good and dark. My eye is currently on these Cheap Monday high rise black skinnies:

CARDIGANS feature highly in my wardrobes throughout the year, in winter it tends to be heavier weight knitted versions to sit over my dresses. But moving into spring when I'm as likely to be found in a trouser as a dress, a longer, lighter cardigan works better. Having recently ditched my favourite Primark long ling cardigan, this year is the year to move into something a bit more durable (and I might also have put a little order in...)

Heads up on this- American Apparel offer a 15% discount when you sign up for their newsletter, but it is only valid for 14 days after you sign up and subsequently receive the code.

My mum actually already has a couple of the jersey and modal (knitted, to the rest of us) versions of these, and I can confirm that they are suitably durable, super comfy and very versatile.

SHIRTS have been a problem for me. I believe the phrase 'too much tits and arse' probably was made for me. They rarely fit, and I own just 2- one that I wear over leggings, one that is beach wear. But there's something about a simple pale shirt, and as cropped/ankle grazer trousers have been all over the highstreet (Gap, Banana Republic, Topshop, Uniqlo...) and my very favouritest trousers are ankle length, I'm finding them more and more appealing for a simple, relaxed preppy type look. This one looks beautiful, but I'm still not sure I can bring myself to part with that much cash, and it definitely won't be without an extensive trying-on session first.

And lastly, a new spring SHOE- well it wouldn't be me without shoes... These babies, are, what a surprise from Clarks, and the perfect next step in my heels exploration, having just about mastered my wedged shoe boots. I love a flash of interesting colour, and it was always going to be green for me.

So that's my current spring hitlist, we shall have to see how it goes over the next few weeks as to exactly what ends up in my slightly depleted wardrobe. Shout if you have a hit list rather than a wishlist, I'm intrigued to know what everybody is after this spring, particularly you Fashion-Types who actually know what's supposed to be on trend. 



Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

I love this post, it reads so nicely! And I LOVE that cardi.


Vita said...

Your blog was one of the first ones I've ever read and followed. I love your posts. That is why I've nominated you for The Creative Blogger award. I wish you'd take the time and check it out over at

xo, Vita

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

Love the jeans and shoes - do let me know how you find the Thomas Pink shirts, I have exactly the same issue with shirts but I'm always after a perfectly fitted one! Was thinking of trying Bravissimo's clothing range so I can get one that fits at the waist and things but allows for some chest, but I've never tried their clothes before so not sure what they'll be like in terms of quality!