Sunday, April 28, 2013

Budget Beauty Purchases- Part 1

With the change in season (yes I know, we'll probably be cold and wet again next week), my 'beauty' regime, such as it is takes a little turn. Aside the better weather, I've had to put a little thought into adjusting certain elements with cycling becoming a steadily more prominent feature of my day to day life. I thought I'd start with the essentials, part one.

Budget Beauty Essentials

From L-R

Sweet Lemon Body Butter, The Body Shop, £5
The Bodybutter- a dangerous addiction kicked off by Ayden, who sent me a tub of this last year. I scraped the last of it out in February, and in March, whilst waiting for someone, I happened to be stood outside a Bodyshop whilst it was pouring rain. When entering, they had some kind of sale on. I practically ran to the checkout, expecting the price tag to be wrong. It wasn't. My only regret, that I didn't buy a spare one and the matching body scrub. My name is Chloe, I am addicted to lemons.

On a serious note, I use this a couple of times per week on my legs and arms, and a much cheaper (even at the bargain price I bought my tub for) moisturiser the rest of the week. Having my legs and arms exposed to the sun, wind, spitting rain and general London polutants. It gives those drier areas of skin the much needs, gorgeous smelling boost needed.

Milk and Honey Beauty Soap, Cien Bodycare (Lidl's own brand), 99p for 2
I don't use shower gel, I hate it with a passion as I find it super tough to find ones with out oils, that actually foam properly up, and that don't have super strong colours or scents. I'm a soap girl all the way, preferably without strong colour and scent. I stumbled across this in my local Lidl, and I love it. It has a delicate scent, but is oil free, and it does it's job. Sometimes, you just have to go back to basics.

Batiste Medium & Brunette Dry Shampoo, Boots, £3.99 or £2.66 on the 3 for 2 offer I was using
Is there a girl in blogland who doesn't use dry shampoo? I sometimes wonder.... since having darker hair, I'd shied away from my favourite (Batiste Tropical, FYI) as it made my hair look grey and powder-y. When they brought this version for medium/brunette hair, I was straight on the bandwagon, and haven't looked back. Also, wearing a cycle helmet makes my head hot, so aside *ahem* lazy days, it's a good refresh when I arrive at work.

ELF Mineral Cleanser, £6 or £3 in a 50% off event
I bloody love this stuff. This is a powder that becomes a soapy cleanser when added to wet hands. Genius if you do a lot of travelling, as it's not part of your in-flight liquids allowance, and also is one thing to leak all over your wash bag- oh come on, it's happened to us all. It's other benefits- it leaves my skin feeling super squeaky clean, I sometimes also use this with a muslin cloth sometimes as a gentle exfoliant.

Opia Hair Ties and Donut, Primark, £1 & £1.50 respectively
Please tell me it's not just me, whose hair ties walk? I have a full pack of these in my drawer at work, in every wash bag, and usually a new pack tucked away somewhere. My hair is over a foot long, do I really need to explain why I have a couple of hundred inexpensive hair ties around.

I've gotten into the donut for me hair too, it's a bit tidier for the office, than my usual 'grabaholdofitallandshoveitup' approach. If you have long hair, I reckon these are just the chic injected needed for day to day.

The current essentials of a London girl, cycling in a warmer London. Am I missing something especially, hit me with it. I think I'm turning into a beauty junkie... Part 2- the slightly less essential but even more fun, will be up early doors next week.


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I am CONSTANTLY losing hair ties. No idea where they go!