Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kate Spade New York

One of the many things I like about having an iPhone is the availability of every conceivable design of case. I mostly buy inexpensive ones from eBay so I don't end up feeling guilty when it gets bashed about in my bottomless pit handbag, but when I was offered this beauty for review, I just couldn't say no.

Kate Spade Phone Case

Kate Spade Phone Case Details

Phone Case, Kate Spade NY*

Isn't it pretty? Loving a flash of neon- it's not the kind of shade I'd be likely to wear any other way, and it's a good hard, sturdy case. I especially like the double layer of the outer edge and the case itself which snaps together to stop the case slipping off- a pet hate, and that the volume buttons are covered over.

It's also not a chunky case, another thing I'm not keen on with iPhone cases is that they often add a fair hefty weight and volume to the phone itself, but this one is pretty streamlined and not at all heavy- win win. Oh, and the neon looks AWESOME in a club lighting set, if I could show you I would, but I only had my iPhone in the case itself last night whilst dancing my behind off at Ministry of Sound for Thomas Gold.

As much as it doesn't change the case itself, I also thought the packaging on this case was really lovely. It has an expensive feel, which if you're purchasing something a bit special- be it for yourself or for a gift, then cheap or nasty or ill designed packaging can be a big turn off. The gold embossed logo and the matching colour scheme are a nice touch to something that would make a great gift for my mother, who is a fellow Apple convert, and frankly, with the volume of time I've spent on Skype to New York at work this week, it was a welcome treat for myself.

Verdict? Would I buy it? Yes, I would. It's a lovely product, it would make a really nice gift and as mentioned is a non-bank breaking designer treat if you're after something for yourself.

This item was provided for review purposes and as such this post is sponsored and contains a sponsored link. All views are my own. 


Maria Fallon said...

This is lovely, I like the colours!

Maria xxx

Imogen said...

I adore the Kate Spade covers for iphones, sometimes I go into the apple store just to admire them.